Korea GOB P1.5 indoor conference LED display

April 29, 2022

Indoor meeting room LED screen size: 5760x2560mm

Craft: GOB

GOB, Glue On Board packaging technology uses one of the most advanced transparent materials in China to encapsulate the substrate and its LED packaging units to form effective protection. The material not only has ultra-high transparency, but also has excellent thermal conductivity. The small spacing of GOB can adapt to any harsh environment, and realize the characteristics of real moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-collision, anti-UV, etc.

Cabinet: 640x640mm

Module: 320x160mm

Maintenance method: Full front maintenance

Totally front installation without any structure and maintenance space backside to save structure cost a lot

Noiseless operation without ventilator

Material: Die-cast aluminum

Frame material–Die casting aluminum

Threefold intensity than steel material

CNC high precision with only ±0.1mm tolerance. threefold precision than steel material

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