Landmark of Kuwait

May 29, 2021

Project place: Landmark of Kuwait

Project Time: 2020

Project product: P8 outdoor Irregular Wave LED Display

480sqm P8 outdoor wave led display with 7 layers completed by MPLED team from 2D/3D drawing,moulding, production, steel structure design and production, shipment to software guide, engineer technical support and installation guide.

Project requirement:

1.Middle side do flat screen,two side do wave shape

2.Total 7layer,each layer with different shape

First layer need completely follow up building design

Who well attended design for this famous project?

MPLED structural engineer Mr.Guo who is over 12 years experience now in led display industry and also attended Dubai Financial Hall, Robinson Tower Singapore, NUS Singapore, China Mobile projects before.

Electronic engineer Mr.Tang who is over 18 years experience for circuit board design, he was the first engineer who innovate PCB design from 4 layers to 2 layers but better performance. He is also technical adviser for Absen, Chipshow, Desay, Dicolor.

Pre-sale engineer Mr.Huang is over 9 years experience for led display solution proposal and pre-sale drawings.

In June 2020, our international engineer was stuck here and can’t went abroad for installation guide, all of our clients were so worried at that moment with so many different design and size frame. But all released once they got the packages, because all the drawings prepared, all the parts had very clear label and instructions. With our remote guide, this project finished installation within one month.

who will come here firstly? Challenge ?Luck? Nobody well knows that. For MPLED, we only focus on what we are doing and consider how to do it better.

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