LED can do touch screen?

June 28, 2022

The LED can be used as a touch screen, as long as the touch frame is added, it can be customized. There are solutions for both indoors and outdoors.

1. How wide is the touch frame? Is it the same width or depends on the size of the touch screen?
Determined according to the size of the display screen, the larger the display screen size, the larger the size of the frame.

2. How is the touch frame fixed? Infrared touch or capacitive touch?
If you want to do a touch solution, you need to add a border to the outside of the screen. The touch frame is attached with a special glue. It belongs to infrared touch.

3. Do you need radar sensing?
It has nothing to do with radar, radar is laser.

4. Cost increase?
The cost is the cost of the touch frame + tempered glass (5cm-8cm, generally 5cm)

5. Touch sensitivity and longevity?
Usually ten-point touch.

6. Do you touch all areas of the full screen?
Yes. The entire screen can be touched.

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