How LED Display Screen Has Highten The Live Events and Virtual Studios

November 26, 2020

The Silver Screen Enhancers — LED Display Screen

In this era of ever-rising technology, modernizing and improving products in all aspects of life, the led display screen invention has taken the world by storm. Its demand and popularity grew worldwide quite rapidly in a very short time.

It replaced the green screens and proved to be a vital product in enhancing the techniques in the film industry and being an essential product in the VXR and animation techniques.

It is not a challenging task to find the led display screen around; you can find it almost everywhere. From a random house television to huge lights in a stadium, nearly all the places are now equipped with it.


Not only virtual studios or film making, but the led display screen has also led to a visible difference in the live events. It won’t be wrong if I say that it adds life to the event wherever we use it.

Almost all of the concerts now have led display screen splashing the waves of colors with the dancing beats, making the event 100 times more attractive.

Even in the cricket stadium, it makes it feasible for the spectators to watch each and every move magnified.

Now, first, let us discuss what actually led display screens are? And how do they work in revolutionizing today’s world?

LED Display Screen

What is an LED Screen?

Short for light-emitting diode, led display screen is a technology that uses a light source of the panel of LEDs. A large variety of electronic devices of varying sizes uses a led display screen as the means of interaction.

Almost all of the modern-day devices such as mobile phones, televisions, monitors, laptop screens, tablets, etc., use a led display screen.

Commercially, it is the most used display nowadays. It is popular due to its competency and efficient use of energy, which is the essential component for handheld gadgets such as mobile phones, iPods, etc.

Led display screen to consist of different LEDs converged into several led panels.

Other than being competent and low energy consumption, it has a lot of other benefits. It provides not only more outstanding quality of light but also an increased brilliance.

We use these demanding displays not only indoors but also quite widely outdoors. Billboards and store signs also use them extensively. Rather than display, we also use it for stage lighting or vehicle lighting.

Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, led display screen does not use by heating a metal filament. It works by emitting light from the diode on its way while passing through the semiconductors on either side.

Since it does not produce light by the heating metal filament, it is also known as cold light. Again, when the led display screen is power-on, it does not heat up while working and gives off a negligible amount of heat. Due to this, it is also famous as a non-heating gadget.

But to know things better, let us know about the history of this game-changing product and also the person who invented these beauties.


Russian inventor Oleg Losev in 1927, invented the led for the very first time. It was then used in every gadget used from the clock, remote controls, and radios, etc. But there were only red, yellow, and infrared LED’s available at that time.

It was not until 1977 that James P Mitchell discovered the first led display screen. It was made public on March 18, 1978, at the science and engineering fair in Iowa. In the same year, it was again displayed to the public in California.

It also received some prestigious awards after it was made public by NASA.


There are several types of led display screens that are now available in the market, which have not only improvised the modern-day techniques but have also heighten the standards of the film industry.

These types include all the LED’s that we display and use extensively. Either indoors as TVs or handhelds or outdoors for communicating information, billboards, and for advertisements.

These are also available in a different range of colors. It comprises of red, yellow, blue, infrared, etc., lights. We can also differentiate it on the basis of its performance.

Below is the brief introduction of some main types of led display screens:

  • Outdoor led screen display:

There are various places where we use the led display in the outdoor. You may see them at every stop while driving on the road displaying information to the public. Not only this but companies also use it on billboards for advertisements.

It is used widely because of its high visibility as we can plant it easily on tall buildings, statues, billboards, etc.

Below are some outdoor displays we find in our daily life:

  1. Standing pillar led screen display.
  2. Wall-mounted led screen display.
  3.  Building top fixed led screen display.
  4. Curved Led display boards.
  5. Dual and tri sided led displays.
  6. Round led displays.

Led display screens we use in the indoor environments use a wide visual angle as we do not watch them from much distance. Such devices are usually light in weight and have a high density. These devices, as are used indoors, have a display of moderate brightness.

  • Different color displays:

There are usually three types of color displays found in the led display screen: single color, double primary color, and three primary color display.

Single color display screens use a single color to display the screen. Red color is the most common, but we also use yellow and green occasionally.

Double primary color display screen uses two colors, i.e., red and green colors for the display.

Three primary color displays now you can guess by name can display three colors. They primarily use red, green, and blue LEDs to display the screen. It is known because it offers white balance along with a range of different colors.

LED Display Screen

LED Screen Display at Live Events

Led display screens have heightened the live events to a new level. These screens used at live events are usually named LED walls. In today’s time, it is nearly impossible to find an event without a LED wall in the background.

Led walls have gained immense importance among organizers in a very short period of time, as the organizers are now able to convey to the audience in a more feasible manner.

No matter what the occasion is, a musical concert, huge events, movie theatres, or any other event, it is now an essential means of connecting with the audience.

It won’t be wrong if I say that LED walls are the energy boosters in a musical event. Increasing the fun and excitement among the people and giving a colorful environment and providing an exciting ambiance and a great vibe to attract the audience.

Also, it is only possible through a led display screen to make the happening on the stage more visible to the crowd of thousands. Otherwise, there’s no point in attending a concert no matter how big the artist is if you are unable to see him.

Another beneficial point of placing a LED wall at an event is that you don’t have to worry if you will be able to see the stage. Thanks to the led wall, that seating arrangement is not a matter of problem anymore. We can arrange categories from VIP passes to normal due to the placement of led walls in the background.

Apart from the concerts, you may also find these in the news studios. Almost all of the news channel now use a led display screen to display news with effects. Significantly, the weather forecasters use it to show the weather with 3d effects.

LED Display Screen at Visual Studios 

Led display screen at visual studios has taken the film industry to another level. It has not only raised the standards of film making with modern techniques and tools but has also made it easier for the filmmakers to put in various effects.

Do you think it was possible to make Marvel without LEDs?

Not a chance! It is only due to LEDs that we are able to enjoy such masterpieces as marvel and star wars.

Also, at this time of the pandemic, Covid 19 has again struck the film industry along with all walks of life. It is now almost impossible for the filmmakers to travel and shoot for different scenes at this time of the pandemic. However, it is now possible with the use of LEDs.

LEDs create a virtual background according to the requirements of the scene, making it possible to shoot without much traveling. No doubt, it is quite a blessing at this time of a global pandemic that has paused every aspect of life.

VFX teams can create a dreamy sci-fi world using LEDs for shooting. Also, the directors, unlike in the past, can also see the fantasy image in real-time with a lens to make any improvisation. Or it was not possible in the past before wrap up.

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The led display screen has no doubt heightened the live events and visual studios. I am making it able to compete with the ever-rising technology of the modern world.

The led wall has now made the live events to boost with energy with the splash of colors. This technique provides an amazing ambiance for the crowd, also making it possible for the people to view the stage without any hassle. This is the reason for it to be the event organizers’ favorite tool nowadays.

It has also helped to prosper the visual studios by providing a virtual environment to the directors. Who can now shoot various scenes by creating an environment with LEDs without the need to travel to places?

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