How do led display lighting manufacturers promote business?

October 22, 2021

All about outdoor advertising LED screen

led display lighting manufacturers

Outdoor led display lighting manufacturers advertising is an effective communication method. It has gained trust by businesses in recent times because it can both reach a large number of viewers. These screens help remember the brand, but the cost of implementation. Hence, it is extremely reasonable.

Led display lighting manufacturers would like to introduce to businesses about the outdoor LED display advertising channel. It comes with the most detailed and general information in the article below.

Article table of contents

1. What is outdoor advertising LED display?

2. How an outdoor LED display advertising campaign works

3. The outstanding advantages of outdoor advertising LED screen

3.1. Help promote your business brand

3.2. Reach customers effectively with the unique form of TVC clip advertising

3.3. Easy construction, quick adjustment

3.4. Affirm the brand level with reasonable advertising costs

4. Some notes when booking outdoor advertising LED screens that businesses need to know

5. Update outdoor LED display advertising quotation

6. Summary of some outdoor LED display advertising campaigns deployed by Unique

7. Unique OOH – Professional and reputable LED display advertising service provider

1. What is outdoor led display lighting manufacturers advertising?

Thanks to the application of the led display lighting manufacturers technology.  Today, outdoor LED screens have blown a whole new wind for in world. This meets the needs of businesses that are looking for an effective and classy brand promotion solution

So what is outdoor advertising LED screen? Outdoor advertising LED screens are large-sized screens that usually install right on the wall surface of high-rise buildings such as:

  • commercial centers
  • apartment buildings, etc., located on streets and intersections.
  • Three, the intersection…

Its area can be as large as Pano/Billboard, ranging from a few tens to hundreds of square meters, with a brightness of about 5500 – 8500cd/spm.

So is the outdoor LED screen afraid of being affected by elements from nature? The answer is no because it has built-in technology against factors such as:

  • sun
  • rain
  •  humidity as well as regular maintenance and repair, so during operation it is rarely encountered

Hence, there will be no quality problems with led display lighting manufacturers.

Currently, outdoor advertising LED screens are the hottest trend. And in USA, this form is developing extremely strongly with many beautiful and prime locations.

2. How an outdoor led display lighting manufacturers advertising campaign works?

An outdoor LED display advertising campaign will work by playing TVC clips alternately throughout the day, repeating like a circle, each broadcast is called a spot.

On average, a clip with a length of 15-30 seconds will be played about 120spots/day, interspersed with advertising clips of other brands and it is randomly played during the period from morning to evening. The number of spots is easy to increase or decreased depending on the budget that the business spends on the campaign as well as the length of the clip.

This way of operation of outdoor led display lighting manufacturers is similar to advertising on Lcd and Frame screens, except that the number of viewers accessing the brand image is many times larger.

3. The outstanding advantages of outdoor advertising LED screen

led display lighting manufacturers 2021

3.1. Help promote your business brand

Outdoor advertising LED screen is an extremely effective means of communication for businesses. It is to bring their brands closer to consumers. Outdoor advertising LED screens come in:

  • high-rise buildings
  •  commercial centers on major streets
  •  crowded intersections and intersections

 The number of people accessing the TVC clip to promote the brand in one day is enormous.

3.2. Reach customers effectively with the unique form of TVC clip advertising

Compared with other forms of “static” outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising LED screens work by broadcasting TVC clips to reach customers. They will not feel bored and skim through as quickly as when observing the advertising images standing still. They will feel interested, curious and consider watching the content of the clip as an entertainment while on the go or waiting for a red light.

This also depends on the design and editing of the TVC clip of the business. This needs to focus on the content so that it is new, impressive and interesting.

3.3. Easy construction, quick adjustment with led display lighting manufacturers

An advertising led display lighting manufacturers campaign on outdoor LED screens has a great advantage over other forms of outdoor advertising in the construction section. It does not need to produce maquette, does not need to have a large team. You can hold mass deployment, time consuming but the most important thing to do is put the TVC advertising clip on the LED screen.

Currently, most outdoor LED screens integrate with modern technologies, so it only takes a few simple steps to play the clip as well as adjust the content and play time accordingly.

3.4. Affirm the brand level with reasonable advertising costs

Outdoor advertising LED screen helps the brand become really classy and further affirms its development position in the market. Then an LED screen advertising campaign is an effective tool to do that with the implementation cost in line with the budget of the business.

4. Some notes when booking outdoor advertising LED screens that businesses need to know

To deploy an led display lighting manufacturers advertising campaign with high efficiency, businesses need to pay attention to a number of factors as follows:

– Should choose outdoor advertising LED screens with prime location, preferably located right in the inner city, junction, intersection… and come at a moderate height so that they are easy to pick up.

– The larger and more modern the advertising LED screen is the sharper and easier the media publications will be when broadcast. People moving through this area will definitely attract to the screen even in the morning and at night.

– Attention should be paid to the design of LED advertising TVC clips so that they are attractive, attractive, can apply more creative elements, invite KOLs… to make a better impression on customers.

5. Update outdoor LED display advertising quotation

The cost of an advertising campaign on LED screens will often be affected by many factors, namely:

Advertising packages: The advertising packages with the length of the TVC clip range from 15 to 30 seconds, the longer the duration, the higher the cost will be.  This means that the display time of the clip in the viewer’s eye is also higher. In addition, the larger the LED screen size, the more expensive the booking price is than the small screen.

Deployment location: Outdoor led display lighting manufacturers will cost more than LED screens located in low traffic locations.

– Implementation time: Normally, an advertising campaign on LED screens needs to be deployed for at least 1 month or more to achieve a certain effect. The longer the business advertises, the cheaper the cost will be and the more attractive incentives will be enjoyed.

What are indoor led display lighting manufacturers? 

In recent years, the outdoor digital display advertising channel has been growing strongly, besides the most commonly encountered form of outdoor advertising LED screen; people also see a lot of LED advertising screens. Indoor advertising in prime locations broadcasting the brand’s images and videos is impressive.

So what is indoor advertising LED screen? 

In addition, people can also use transparent Led screens to serve extremely luxurious and eye-catching public places.

2. Working principle of indoor advertising LED screen

Just like outdoor LED screen advertising, indoor LED screens operate as broadcast advertising publications (known as TVCs), a location that can broadcast a lot of advertising content. It is about  brands on a rotating basis.

Each occurrence is due to led display lighting manufacturers. And depending on the advertising package, there are a certain number of broadcast spots.

Some advertising packages deploy by many units today:

  • 1-month package with a total duration of 1 hour/day, applicable to TVC 30s, equivalent to 120 spots/day and 3600 spots/month
  • 1-month package with a total duration of 1 hour/day, applied to TVC 15s, equivalent to 240 spots/day and 7200 spots/month
  • There are also 45s or 60s TVC packages but not so common.

The frequency of advertising on indoor Ld screens will range from 5-8 minutes/time.

We can see that with such a large number of led display lighting manufacturers as well as such a large frequency of appearances, the brand will certainly have many opportunities to appear in the eyes of consumers. Moreover, it will impress and make them remember in their minds, from That increases the likelihood of buying more.

Indoor advertising LED screen with extremely sharp resolution

3. Application of indoor advertising Led screen in brand communication activities

Currently, indoor advertising LED screens are very HOT, thanks to the vivid and impressive advertising broadcasts, as well as their wide applicability.

Some applications of indoor advertising LED screen:

  • Broadcast advertising of brands to promote products and services and increase brand awareness in the minds of consumers
  • Broadcast content, images, motion videos for important events
  • Display announcements, promotional content to a large number of people
  • And some other applications such as: Led screen for movie projection, Led screen for indoor stage, Led screen for conference, wedding party, karaoke…
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