LED Display Manufacturers: Best Practices to Make Interactive Ads

October 22, 2021

LED Display Manufacturers

Led display manufacturers advertising is an extremely unique and new form of communication. They possess advanced and modern technology, making it easy for businesses’ brand images to make a deep impression on consumers. .

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1. What is Hologram LED Display Advertising?

1.1. Structure of LED Hologram screen

Hologram LED display is a product that reflects light properly. This makes the image appear as a three-dimensional object. Viewers can observe that object under any angle and maintain its original state, except that we cannot touch it. The led display manufacturers technology using Hologram also has many types, such as:

  • Transmissive Hologram
  •  White Light Reflection Hologram
  •  Multi-channel Hologram
  • Real Hologram.

The structure of the LED Hologram screen, in addition to the background screen, will also need an HD projector, a properly designed image, and a DVD player to operate the projected image.

 We can say that that to operate the 3D Hologram LED screen requires a combination of many devices. This includes hardware, software and advertising content. Similarly, the image will display in the viewer’s eyes 100% like the real thing.  Led display manufacturers perfectly apply this. 

1.2. Where do led display manufacturers deploy this technology?

Hologram LED screen advertising is considered one of the latest digital screen advertising trends that is currently getting attention and attention by many leading brands. The implementation process requires quite complicated preparation.

 Many machines and for viewers to see from any angle, it is necessary to have a large and airy space, typically supermarkets, shopping mall, chain of retail stores…

In addition, LED Hologram screens are also common in events of many brands. They often organized to launch new product lines, brands or promotions, birthday celebrations… such as fashion events. Websites, technology shows or even music stages to increase communication effects to customers.

Because this form of advertising is not yet widely available in the market, businesses should find out carefully and it is best to get advice from an advertising agency to determine if the project is easy to implement.

2. Evaluation of the communication effectiveness of LED Hologram advertising

Led display manufacturers advertising is considered to have a lot of potential for development and should promote in coverage in the near future.

 Because it mainly deploys inside fixed locations, the LED Hologram screen will easily attract the attention of all viewers present in that area and not just stop at one time. Customers in addition to observing can also participate in direct interaction with the screen to have extremely interesting experiences.

The LED Hologram advertising campaign is mostly running in a large space, so it will catch the viewer’s view from many different angles and distances. The most special feature here is that no matter where you stand, the advertising image still maintains the status quo 100%. Unlike other normal screens, customers have a deep impression and remember.

Business led display manufacturers

In some cases, a business’s led display manufacturers project can also go viral for free when viewers take pictures, record clips of advertising screens and upload them to social networking sites. Thus, businesses do not need to spend any more money and can still cover the brand on an extremely large scale.

Because the way the LED Hologram screen works is not the same as the Led screen that we still see. The maquette design stage will be as minimalist as possible, because businesses only need to show the right product image and brand logo.

The difference between fixed and mobile Led screen advertising

Fixed led display manufacturers advertising and mobile Led screen advertising are both extremely impressive and unique forms of communication. Moreover, this brings extremely powerful communication effects for businesses. So, what are the similarities and differences between these two forms of advertising communication? Let’s find out more details through the article below.

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An overview of fixed and mobile led display manufacturers

Today, LED screen advertising has been on the way to becoming one of the most popular and effective forms of communication around the world. With its strong advantages, LED screen advertising helps businesses directly affect viewers.

Moreover, led display manufacturers convey to them images and media messages in the most vibrant and vivid way. And two of the typical forms of Led screen advertising can be mentioned are fixed Led screen advertising and mobile Led screen advertising.

To put it simply, fixed LED screen advertising is a giant digital advertising screen. This mounts on the facades of large buildings (commercial centers, apartments, office buildings). ,…) or stand independently on solid pillars. Most fixed advertising LED screens usually place in locations with:

  • high traffic volume
  •  suitable height and
  •  clear vision to reach as many customers as possible

Compare fixed and mobile Led screen advertising

Different from the fixed Led screen, the led display manufacturers advertising of the mobile Led screen are a form of advertising that is a form of digital screen advertising on vehicles.

LED Display Manufacturers 2021

With extremely unique and impressive image motion technology, mobile advertising LED screens will certainly bring the ability to convey messages in a flexible and unique way. Furthermore, this improves communication efficiency for the campaign.

Basically, both of the above forms are Led screen advertising, but if analyzed carefully, these two types of advertising carry many differences, making many units difficult. We may find difficulty in the selection process. So, let’s compare fixed and mobile Led screen advertising through the next section.

2. Compare fixed and mobile led display manufacturers advertising

2.1. Similarities between Fixed and Mobile Led Screen Advertising

As mentioned above, both fixed and mobile led display manufacturers advertising are Led screen advertising. Therefore, of course, these two forms will both bring in them extremely strong advantages, with many modern technologies such as:

  • sharp display
  •  brilliant colors
  • high brightness

 As a result, businesses Industry can create extremely unique communication effects, attracting the eyes of road users.

Compare fixed and mobile Led screen advertising

Led screen advertising screen brings extremely modern display technology. Photo: Internet

In addition, both of these forms of communication carry in themselves extremely impressive protection and resistance technologies such as:

  • dustproof
  •  moisture-proof
  •  Windproof, etc. display clearly even in the harshest weather conditions.

Both fixed and mobile advertising Led screens can display video content or show slide images. Therefore, businesses can freely create media content. Moreover, it brings the most unique visual experiences to viewers, thereby creating certain imprints in their minds.

2.2.1. led display manufacturers Ad placements

We can consider it one of the most noticeable differences when comparing fixed and mobile Led screen advertising. Led display manufacturers install screens at locations such as building facades or fixed on solid pillars on the road (similar to the image of an outdoor advertising billboard).

As for the form of mobile Led screen advertising, there are no fixed locations for deployment. Usually, mobile advertising LED screens will install directly on the back of the small truck and move on most of the arterial and crowded traffic routes. This makes it easier for the company’s media publications to reach a wider audience.

2.2.2. Segmentation, number of customers to reach

Because it is deployed at a single location, fixed advertising LED screens will often reach customers who often move on the road within the range of the LED display. On average, most of the fixed advertising LED screen locations have quite crowded traffic density, up to tens of thousands of turns per day.

Therefore, the number of customers and consumers accessing the advertising maquette of the business is extremely impressive, bringing unexpected effects. Similarly, Led display manufacturers can help you a lot.

Compare fixed and mobile Led display manufacturers advertising

But if comparing the number of customers reaching between the two forms, then surely the mobile Led screen advertising will prevail. Due to being moved on large and crowded roads, with extremely unique display effects, mobile LED screen ads will naturally make an impression on all traffic participants. Thereby, businesses will create direct impressions deep in the minds of viewers.

Most forms of interactive Led display manufacturers advertising will make customers have to directly experience the content in the ad. From there, they will remember the image and communication message of the business. Therefore, the brand, its products/services are more deeply imprinted in the minds of consumers.

And they become the first choice when they have a need to consume products/services in the field of business.

Provide more data for businesses

Interactive Led display manufacturers will provide more data for businesses than other types of advertising. Because when users approach the ad, they must perform operations on the advertising touch screen. Therefore, businesses can collect basic information about the customer base; see the choices and goals of consumers…

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