LED Display Panel- SMD Transparent VS Side SMD Transparent

November 27, 2020

LED Display Panel and The Debate Two Transparent LED Screens

A LED Display panel is an essential element in all modern devices. The difference between an LED and an LCD screen is confusing; however, both have their attributes. You can identify the surge In the popularity of LED screens because every industry is using them commercially. Have a look around the billboards and flashy signs when you stroll the streets. All the major retail stores for jewelry, brand clothing, sports equipment make use of these screens.

Furthermore, transparent LED screens are the future of the primary LED screens. Ordinary LED screens have a flat panel for a better view. The light-emitting diodes present in the LED panel allow it to glow even in sunlight. LED panels display bright images intended to grab the attention of the onlooker.

LED Panel television is quite popular. These LED screens have a clear pixel quality. The images look so real that you may get prompted to touch the screen. The LED screens give the same cinematic effect that we had to travel long distances for. The cinematic special effects provided by an LED screen are a direct result of its complicated structure.

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On the other hand, prolonged usage of LED lights can cause harm to the eyes. LED lights are an innovative way to grab attention. These flashy light displays have taken over for the traditional costumes and billboards. As humans, we tend to draw towards striking materials; therefore, LED lights are the perfect allure mechanism.

LED Display Panel

Transparent Glass LED Display Panel Specifications

You might have encountered a plain glass window and experienced a stroke of inspiration to change it into a LED Display panel. Inspiration can come in any form. A transparent window or glass wall deserves some attention. One option is that you could paint on the transparent glass, and another one is that you could install an LED panel on the Screen. Out of the two options, the second one seems like a whole lot of work, but it is not.

A transparent LED screen gives off a halo effect. A digital format creates the displayed video or picture. All the tiny LED lights come together to form a clear vision; moreover, the transparent background has a whimsical appearance. The idea is to maintain transparency while portraying images at the same time.

A comparative example would be that of a car window covered with rain droplets. You can see through the window and focus on the drops at the same time; hence this is a sort of optical illusion. These LED screens are a trendy alternative to the standard displays like a projector. Transparent LED displays cover a large area and leave an impressionable review over the onlooker.

Therefore, many brands install transparent LED screens on their brand launch.  These launches are pivotal moments for the brands. Brands aspire to make the most impact, and more impact is possible with a LED screen showing off the brand’s products. Dazzling the spectators not only makes an impression but makes the entire event unforgettable.

Specifications for a Transparent Glass LED Display Panel

Transparent Glass LED Display Panel overshadows the LCD video walls in terms of brightness. Recently neon LED screens are making headlines. LED lights are a trendy addition to room décor as well. It looks like LED lights are doing well for themselves in all aspects. Companies that encourage a high tech environment are fond of LED screens.

The creativity spectrum welcomed by LED lights and LED screens were not possible with LCD. To summarize, the transparent Glass LED is ideal for someone who wishes to offer imagination without blocking the view. It is a visual masterpiece; if the masterpiece displays itself In a dark room, the lights get blindingly magnified.

Individual specifications accompany a transparent LED screen. Its typical application uncovers on window glass walls and facades. Huge stadiums and arenas install gigantic LED Transparent Screen before any major match; furthermore, hotels and airports also benefit from these screens. The necessary specifications for LED machines are listed below:

  1. Module sizes – 1000 x 500mm or 500 x 375mm
  2. A pixel pith rounding around 3.9 x 7mm
  3. Up to 90 percent transparency ratio
  4. Brightness – 5500 cd/m²
  5. A functioning software and control system

Regardless of the unlimited features of an LED screen, they can be costly and hard to maintain. The slight damage experienced by the LED panel can be irreparable. The repair costs almost as much as purchasing another screen. Led Screen handles take extra care of the software and the transparent Glass during transport.

SMD transparent Screen

Now that we have established the look and feel of a transparent LED screen, it is time to divide them. We subdivide a transparent LED Screen into two distinct parts. The first one being the front SMD Display. SMD stands for surface mounted diode; moreover, it is a step ahead of DIP LEDs. The front SMD transparent screens use a standard solution.

The SMD transparent screen has differently placed lamped beads. The lamp beads do not appear with the naked eye. SMD LEDs are the most used LEDs in the market. Their large-scale production has lowered their price significantly; moreover, domestic and industrial purposes make use of the SMD screens impartially.

This type of LED has the ability to integrate the three colors Red, Blue, and green, all in a single system. A necessary polarization process takes place on the front of the panel. This process is carried out with high-quality equipment so that no problems such as loose functioning LEDs are faced.

The front SMD transparent LED makes use of a prevalent solution in the market. It makes use of conventional packaged lamp beads. On the other hand, the side SMD transparent LED uses side-emitting lamp beads. These beads are custom made. However, only a few companies make use of this technology.

The side SMD transparent LED has high permeability, firm structure, and a pleasing aesthetic.

The SMD transparent Screen VS. Side SMD Transparent Screen

Both the SMD transparent Screen and Side Transparent screen have a personalized effect. Since both screens are an expensive investment, you can not possibly compare and contrast them firsthand. A fair trial is needed before the purchasing process. We have reached both the screens, so you don’t have to spare the time and effort.

Consequently, both these screens have similar technology; for example, both have installed lamp beads. The only difference between the front and side SMD transparent screen is related to the positioning.

Both of these screens have their good and bad points; however, these limitations are subjective. The comparison is unbiased and intended to guide you towards the choice that appeals more to your requirements.

The scale of transparency

The transparent rate of the side SMD transparent screen is much better than the front SMD transparent screen. The reason is simple. The lamp beads are placed differently in the front SMD transparent screen. This requires the size of the PCB to be more than the lamp beads. On the other hand, in the side SMD transparent screen, the beads’ organization is variable. Since the PCB itself blocks the light, the side SMD transparent screen’s transparent rate is better.

The advantage of a low, transparent rate in the side SMD makes it the right choice.

The contrast of Anti-Collision Abilities

In the unfortunate incident of a collision, the SMD lamp beads would take the direct impact. The positioning of the SMD lamp beads in an SMD display screen renders it impossible to avoid the effect. On the other hand, the side SMD display easily deflects the collision owed to its lateral positioning. The direct force does not make an impression on the side SMD lamp beads.

The Difference in Appearance

The driver IC has a milled placement in front of the SMD transparent screen. The driver IC is covered in the side SMD transparent screen. The display’s length is limited when the SMD transparent screens of lamp beads cover the IC display. The side SMD screen gets an advantage at this point because of its non-lattice shape. Its shape is its most strategic point.

Large advertising screens prefer side SMD transparent screens. SMD technology is a refreshing alternative to the DIP system. DIP still has a lower resolution than the SMD.

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Driver IC Usage

The positioning of the front SMD transparent screen calls out to set a higher number of scanning lines. The scanning lines are lower in the side SMD transparent screen; hence the grayscale is lower. The position of the driver IC makes an impressionable difference in the scanning lines. In the case of front SMD, the scans are 16 and above

LED Display Panel

Transparent LED Display Panel Screen- Take Away

Transparent LED screens are a trendy, stylish, and vogue display mechanism. LED screens are taking over for so many technologies. Light Emitting Diodes are not a direct danger to human eyes; however, consistent use of these lights may be harmful to the retina. Too much of something is always a danger. LED light experts advise epilepsy patients to avoid using LED lights.

LED transparent screens have transpired into LED balloons and bulbs. Technology is always evolving to encompass all heights. Lights that come together to form an image will soon come together to form clear videos as well. Companies investing in transparent LED screens are willing to get the latest invention off the shelves in no time.

Led transparent screens have transformed visual art; many artists have discovered LED lighting and Screen production as a form of creative art. This modern fusion between intellect and technology conspires many more options in the future.

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