Why should you choose to rent led display panel for events?

November 29, 2021

led display panel

The demand for led display panel is relatively high because this is a coastal tourist city, where events often take place. Are you looking for quality, affordable LED screen rental units to serve your needs? Follow the following article from Saigon Light and Sound to have the most reasonable choice.

When should customers rent LED screens?

There are extremely developed beach tourism cities. Every year, this place welcomes several million tourists, both domestic and foreign. Therefore, this is also a place that regularly organizes events operates on a diverse scale. 

Therefore, the demand for led display panel has also increased sharply. Customers should choose LED screen rental unit in Europe in the following cases:

  •     Music festivals, indoor and outdoor performances.
  •     Organizing large, medium and small conferences and seminars.
  •     Organizing weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, anniversaries, …
  •     Companies want to organize anniversaries, general events such as The End Party, company birthday, …
  •     Installed at restaurants, hotels to serve programs.

Why should you choose to rent led display panel for events?

Compared to investing in screens or designing the background you, renting brings more benefits and convenience. The answer to the question of why you should find an LED screen rental unit in Europe will be answered shortly below.

Cost savings

To buy and install a quality led display panel, the cost that investors need to spend is quite large. If you do not have financial abundance, do not use it often, this will become a burden for users when investing in assets without making effective profits.

Therefore, choosing to rent is completely reasonable. Rental costs compared to investment costs are different from one another. Moreover, when renting, the investor does not need to spend more money, time and effort on installation, maintenance. All these issues will be the responsibility of the lessor.

Program content can be flexibly changed

When you want to organize a program or event, without the support of led display panel, the organizers will have a hard time. There are many stages to prepare and the most important thing is to build the context, create the Background to match the content that the program is aiming for. This consumes a lot of manpower, time and costs fluctuate constantly.

However, when choosing an LED screen rental unit, you absolutely do not need to worry about these issues. Just a simple context, everything else is handled by the LED screen. A large screen will help you implement all the ideas, change continuously without spending too much time setting up.

The process of renting led display panel is simple and fast

To be able to rent a quality led display panel, customers first need to find a suitable LED screen rental unit. The rental process will be done as follows:

Step 1: The customer provides the necessary information for the lessor to confirm

The information includes: Name, address and phone number of the customer; screen type; quantity; rental period, etc. The lessee can also make requirements on the corresponding installation mode of the screen to facilitate the use and presentation process.

Step 2: The two sides agree on the terms

There are 3 specific terms that need to be agreed between the lessee and the lessor, including:

Cost: Agree on rental price, installation cost, transportation cost, loading and unloading, technical costs and other possible arising.

Installation time: The two sides agree on the time to hand over and install the screen; dismantling time for site clearance.

Form and process of payment: The lessee and the lessor need to have an agreement on the amount of the deposit, the form of payment by cash or transfer, payment in installments or once, when to pay, etc.

In addition, depending on the actual situation, the parties may have other terms that need to discuss a common conclusion.

Led screen rental

The contract should clearly show information about the lessee – the lessor; rights and obligations of the parties and their respective terms.

led display panel 2021

 In addition, there should be an additional penalty if the contract is breached to have a basis for enforcement later. How much deposit, when and when need to be shown in the contract.

Step 4: Carry out installation and dismantling

The lessor conducts the installation according to the time and requirements of the customer. The monitor allows you. During the event, the lessor also needs to send employees to stay to control the system.

After completing the program, it is necessary to dismantle and return the premises to the customer.

Step 5: Finalize the contract

The two sides inspect, hand over and pay the outstanding amount.

P5 led display panel is a product line with a distance between points of 5mm, where P stands for Pixel. The P5 screen brings outstanding advantages thanks to its extremely high resolution that can be up to 2K or Full HD to help bring clear and realistic images to every centimeter.

What is the best size of led display panel?

Currently, P5 LED screen has 2 sizes including: 160×160 mm and 160×320 mm. Besides, there is also the ability to customize according to the needs of customers, visibility up to hundreds of meters.

 In particular, this device is manufactured based on SMD technology that helps to provide wide viewing angles, high contrast and excellent brightness up to > 5500 cd/m2.

P5. Led display classification

Currently P5 led display panel is divided into 2 main types: indoor and outdoor. Each of them has certain characteristics and advantages. Detail:

P5 indoor monitor

This is a type of LED screen that uses modules to put together, but is not resistant to water, dust and harmful agents from the environment. In particular, the screen of this device has moderate light, so it is often suitable for indoor use to ensure that the viewer is not dazzled.

Indoor P5 LED screen application is mainly common for projection in halls, restaurants, and wedding parties. Besides, it is also common in supermarkets, airports or train stations to replace billboards.

Outdoor led display panel

Outdoor led display panel is composed of cabinets that are put together, so it is resistant to dust, water and harmful agents from the outside environment.  Therefore, it is common in programs, events or outdoor billboards.

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