LED mobile display car solution

July 27, 2021

The automobile industry is developing rapidly and competition in the industry continues to intensify. Under the pressure of strong competition, various automobile manufacturers have increased their efforts in advertising design and publicity. At present, the publicity methods of various automobile manufacturers are generally homogeneous, with low accuracy and mediocre publicity effects. With the current development, the automotive industry has higher and higher requirements for the quality of advertising.

At present, advertising for the automotive industry is divided into two types: online and offline. Online includes: major portals, professional automotive websites, radio, TV, Douyin, Weibo and other network promotions; offline includes: one-page distribution , Touring exhibitions, scheduled exhibitions, auto shows and other offline activities. The online network has a wider publicity, increasing brand exposure and guiding customers to purchase offline, but it is relatively weak in precise customer search. Offline promotion can meet consumers face-to-face, with higher accuracy, better effect, faster sources, timely capture of high-demand potential customer groups, and promote transaction conversion.

1. LED advertising vehicle meets scheduled exhibition

Traditional tour shows have little effect on advertising audiences, and cannot attract the attention of consumer groups. It not only wastes manpower and material resources, but also causes sales consultants to become tired and lose their sales enthusiasm.

While everyone is still doing this traditional tour, many customers have begun to combine LED advertising vehicles for publicity, which is simple and convenient to operate. The car has a large stage, fully automatic opening, and equipped with LED background and other functions, providing customers with outdoor activities such as product display, theatrical performance, mobile road show, brand promotion, and on-site promotion. The bright color of the LED screen for customers’ eyeballs, combined with stage performances, game activities and other links, makes customers stay longer, increases brand influence, promotes sales consultants to collect prospective customers, and promotes transactions.

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