LED Panel Screen: Indoor Vs. Outdoor

December 15, 2020

A Guide to LED Panel Screen: Indoor Vs. Outdoor

The advertising world has emerged over the years and taken the face of LED billboards and screen panels. They have become the new face of promotional marketing. You can find the use of an LED panel screen on top of the marketing hierarchy.

A strategically placed LED panel screen is not only beneficial to the brand itself but a great way to attract new and potential clients. It is a contemporary way of communicating with clients. It is a highly efficient and effective product representation of brands and businesses.

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Due to its, business-friendly features, the LED panel screen stays high in demand. They are bright but on the other do not consume loads of energy. Along with being energy-efficient, they have a life-span that extends even to decades. They have gained a lot of preference over the previously used LCD screens.

Moreover, it has multi-functional features. They are equally useful as indoors and outdoors panel screens. However, they completely oppose each other when used at these locations in many ways.

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Indoor Vs. Outdoor LED Panel Screen

LED Panel screen is a highly useful tool for communicating advertising ideas to audiences. This is a mode of conversation between businesses and potential clients. They are much more than just an advertising tool. They are also used to impart education and awareness too.

These LED panels are displayed in the form of outdoor billboards and hoardings. You can see them in outdoor places like stadiums, roads, buildings, and much more. And you can see them indoors too. In actuality, the use of LED Panel Screen is as much common indoors as much as outdoors.

The indoor LED screens have great uses inside homes, offices, restaurants, malls, and most of all at the retailing outlets. There are many fields that make use of LED Screens. No business is complete without them. Due to their multi-functional uses and benefits, they have become a norm in all the fields of business and services sector.

Moreover, LED display applications can be observed in the transport, sports, corporate sector, educational institutions, the games sector, and casinos.

The reason they are so popular in indoor use is that they are perfect to display seamless screens that can provide proper illumination with shorter watching distance. They have spectacular viewing screens.

Apart from the usual indoor and outdoor screens, you can also invert in semi-outdoor screens. They are much needed in places like open-air halls, under sun-roofs, inside canopies, and beneath temporary shades.

Besides their various similar uses, there are some major differences between Indoor and Outdoor LED screens.

Differences between indoor and outdoor LED Screen Panels

The use of outdoor LED Screen Panels is quite huge. They often come in handy to showcase them for a larger number of audiences. It helps convey the message for many people that may come to big events like carnivals, shows, concerts, and even stadiums.

They are very useful for displaying advertisements because their color resolution and brightness is amazing. It targets a mega audience and attracts people with its high and bright picture quality.

On the other hand, indoor LED screens attract the same level of attention but for a much lesser audience. Indoor screens are not suitable to project high-level mega displays.  Rather than being high resolution, they provide a much higher saturation level of display picture.

Many more factors differentiate the results of outdoor and indoor LED screens. The following are some of them to help you understand the differences.

The Difference in Brightness of Indoor and Outdoor Panel Screen

This is by far the most major and distinguishing difference between indoor and outdoor LED display screen panels. Bright lights like sunlight can deter you to read or see indoor LED screens. Outdoor LED display screen has back-end high power support.  Each pixel is loaded with bright LEDs.

On the contrary, indoor signs remain free of sunlight glare so they can work with less brightness too. Outdoor LED displays are much brighter by default than indoor LED screen panels. The more the brilliance level, the more will be the brightness.

Resilience to External Weather Conditions

Since the outdoor LED display screens designate for outdoor use, they have to bear harsh external weather conditions too. These screens are waterproof, rainproof, dust-proof, anti-glare, and heat resistant.

Besides, Indoor LED screen panels have nothing to do with external weather, so they do not support the same level of resistance as outdoor screens. They do not support such features because they do not need them. However, they both are waterproof; their level of water resilience differs greatly.

Screen Display Resolution

The viewing distance of the outdoor LED screens is much further than the indoor ones. This is true because outdoor screen displays showcase at larger events with larger audiences. They typically are at very far distances to cover a maximum number of people. This is the reason they have a very high resolution.

Indoor LED screens focus on small audiences thus they are placed much nearer than their outdoor counterparts. This is why they have a lesser display resolution. The viewing distance between the audience and the indoor LED screen is less so the resolution is also lower.

The thumb rule says that the more the resolution the higher will be the picture quality. The pixel display defines the compactness of the pixels that are underneath the LED display. Pixels of outdoor screen displays are larger than indoor screen displays.

Cost of Raw Material of Outdoor and Indoor LED Screen Panel

Since the resolution, brightness, pixels, and even weather conditions play a major part in differentiating between outdoor and indoor LED Screen panels.  Although the materials are the same, due to the size and technological differences there is a huge difference in the raw material costs.

The point distance means the bulb distance underneath the screen display. Thus, the more the point distances, the more bulbs usage. And the higher the number of bulbs used, it will directly increase the cost.  Outdoor screens are usually large so they cost higher too. They make use of more number of bulbs.

There is much variety in sizes of the screens. You can even customize the size of your screen whether it is indoors or outdoors. Just keep in mind, the bigger the screen, the more will be its cost.

Growth in the use of Outdoor LED Screen Panel

The outdoor LED screen panel market is booming and is becoming much popular for its versatile business uses. Outdoor LED displays are becoming more energy-efficient and durable. Due to global warming and worsened climatic changes, it is encouraging to use energy conserving tools. They help in reducing power consumption significantly thus making it acceptable to more and more people.

There is a whole market niche specifically catering to the needs of businesses that are interested in switching to more advanced promotional technologies and strategies. This is the right choice to promote businesses at a more personal level. LED screens have increased the reachability and relationship between the buyer and the consumers.

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The differences between the outdoor LED screen display and the indoor LED screen display stay undisputed. This is a great way to understand the differences and enlighten you with knowledge before choosing the right LED panel screen.

The outdoor LED Screen Panels are becoming an integral part of our society become they are helping in making a difference in preserving the environment by being energy efficient. The investment in these screens is life-changing and a search of the boom in the economic stability for the business advertisements.

This increase in its demand is sure to increase the level of trust people are willing to invest in these screens. Their creative uses and versatile picture quality along with customizable sizes attract more and more buyers.

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