Led Screen Light: How much does advertising cost in 2021

November 29, 2021

Led Screen Light

Owning extremely favorable locations, led screen light advertising at a traditional market will help bring the image of the business’ products and services to customers in the most complete way. Most of the brand promotion campaigns at the market usually require:

  • open vision
  •  crowded with passersby

This helps to maximize the communication effectiveness of the campaign.

Traditional led screen light for marketing

In addition, with a variety of deployment forms, advertising at traditional markets gives businesses a lot of choices. Depending on the form, it will bring different effects.  Led screen light will help businesses reach a large number of customers both inside and outside the market. As for the form of sampling, it will be mainly aimed at customers in the market.

Advertising at the market

The advertising image repeats over and over in the eyes of customers. It happens when they come to the traditional market

Another outstanding advantage of advertising at the traditional market is the extremely high frequency. Almost everyone will go to the market every day or at least once every 2 to 3 days. Therefore, the image of the product of the business will appear repeatedly in the eyes of customers. This helps customers easily remember the image and message that the business wants to convey.

4. Best Industries for outdoor screen advertising?

When implementing an led screen light advertising campaign at a traditional market, businesses will have access to an extremely large number of customers in all different segments. Therefore, this communication channel is suitable for almost all industries. They need to promote the brand to everyone.

Advertising at the market is suitable for most industries that need to promote the brand

However, this advertising channel is especially suitable for certain industries such as:

  • food, beverages
  •  home appliances
  •  beauty care, etc.

The reason for saying so is because these products mainly target at the target group of housewives, who are frequent visitors to the market. Therefore, the image and message that the business wants to convey reach to the right people at the right time.

Some good tips to use screen light display effectively

To deploy an led screen light advertising campaign at a traditional market, businesses need to note a few points to make the campaign most effective communication:

Note when choosing a deployment method:

 A highly effective brand promotion campaign is when businesses choose the correct form of deployment. With each form of advertising at a traditional market, it will be effective and help reach a different number of customers.

For example, a billboard advertising campaign at the market will help reach customers both inside and outside the market. In addition, a campaign to organize Booth, Sampling will help attract the attention of people in the market. Therefore, businesses need to carefully choose the form of deployment to bring the highest efficiency.

The form of advertising at the market plays an extremely important role

Note when choosing a deployment area:

Led Screen Light 2021

The led screen light deployment area also plays an extremely important role in the success of an advertising campaign at a traditional market. The enterprise’s communication and promotion campaigns deployed in crowded markets will help reach a large number of potential customers.

Moreover, with a campaign deployed in provinces such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang… will also bring the advertising image of the business closer to a huge number of customers.

The led screen light plays an important role in advertising campaign

Note when designing advertising images:

 A brand promotion campaign at a traditional market using a beautiful, unique and creative image will make an extremely strong impression on customers here. For images that are too complex, customers will not have enough time to remember all that the business wants to convey.

We recommend that you design a simple but unique image. It will help the led screen light advertising image imprint in the customer’s mind.

Unique advertising images will make a strong impression on a large number of customers

6. Latest Led display screen technology

The price quoted for outdoor advertising at the traditional market is calculated according to the formula

:  Quotation = Unit price/location (quote in form) x Quantity x Number of months

With advertising campaigns deployed at each different market, there will be completely different prices. For example, advertising campaign at a traditional market in provinces.

In addition, with each form of deployment, businesses will also receive different advertising quotes. The form of led screen light advertising will have the highest quotation. The number of customers it reaches is extremely large. Advertising panels and Sampling will have lower quotes but it only reaches customers when they shop in the market.

Generally, advertising prices at traditional markets depend on many different factors

Moreover, with brand promotion campaigns that are deployed for a long time, combining many forms and in many different positions will also bring extremely high communication efficiency, but the price quotes of the campaigns This ad is not small.

Note: The advertising price quoted at the traditional market varies depending on the actual situation of the market, so businesses need to update regularly to receive the latest quotes in the market.

Supermarkets and commercial centers are very popular shopping and entertainment places today. People’s lives are becoming busier and busier. Supermarkets and commercial centers provide shopping and entertainment facilities and save us time.

How to frame led screen light properly?

Frame led screen light is a liquid crystal display that plays advertisements in the form of images, with a compact size of about 19 inches. Frame advertising screens are installed mainly in the elevator areas of commercial centers and supermarkets. The presentation time of a frame advertising screen is 12 seconds/spot frame.

In supermarkets and trade centers, the most popular advertising is POSM standee, poster, POSM at the point of sale, and mobile sales booth.

– Advertising POSM standee, poster at supermarkets, trade centers is often deployed when the brand launches new products or has promotions, birthday celebrations.

How much does it cost to install led screen light?

Deploying the form of advertising at trade centers and supermarkets does not cost too much. The effectiveness brings businesses extremely satisfied. This is also the reason why more and more brands are placing ads in shopping centers and supermarkets. It is to spread the brand and get closer to smart consumers.

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