Led screen rental: 5 Outstanding Features you won’t Believe

November 29, 2021

Nowadays, transparent led screen rental are widely popular around the world in general a. This technology allows viewers to view the content and information on the screen at the same time can see through it. Let’s learn more about what is transparent LED screen? And the salient features of this product.

Led screen rental

What is transparent led screen rental?

What is a transparent LED screen is a question that many people take interest in. In fact, this product is a kind of advertising screen created by transparent modules and without the black lines like ordinary led screen rental. Therefore, the presentation of images and videos will become sharp and bring elegance and class to the business.

Structure of transparent led screen

After understanding what an LED screen is, an equally important question is how is the structure of this product line? Currently this technology is leading the industry combined with simple sophistication; each transparent LED display module consists of only

    Each of the following transparent led screen rental will have a different resolution. Therefore, the LED bars put together are thick or thin, depending on the intended use of the customer, but do not affect the quality of the product.

    Pre-built aluminum frame with thin and light design to fix standard sized LED modules

    A small aluminum frame with a gap is common to wrap the electrical conductors. It is to prevent them from being exposed to increase the aesthetics of the product.

    Dedicated controls for changing or adjusting custom effects and for setting program schedule times.

    The control box contains parts such as: CAT5 cable, receiving card, DVI cable, Plexiglass cover, …

What are the outstanding features of led screen rental?

Transparent LED screen is considered a quality, luxurious and classy visual advertising tool. Because the image comes in a vivid way, the streamlined structure fully meets the strict requirements of aesthetics.

Therefore, this product is widely common in practice such as meeting rooms, conferences, … such as:

  • home decorations
  •  shops
  •  shopping malls, etc.

   Led screen rental can be common as a partition in the display area in a shopping mall. Because viewed from a distance of 5m, the existence of this type of screen will not be visible, so it does not cause a feeling of being cramped or cramped.

How to set brightness of led screen rental?

    The brightness of the transparent LED screen can be up to 5000 cd/m2, so it is very suitable for indoor or outdoor projection. Along with that, you can customize the appropriate brightness for any space.

    Compact structure with a weight of only 12kg, so it is extremely easy to transport or install when needed.

    Beautiful design brings high aesthetics and elegance to the installation space.

    Owning full HD picture quality helps to bring a clear and vivid visual experience and the colors do not change even when viewed at many different points.

What is the advantage of transparent LED display?

After partially answering the question of what is a transparent led screen rental, the advantage of this product line is also one of the concerns of many people. Detail

Ultra-high transparency

Led screen rental 2021

The LED screen has a transparency of over 80% and if viewed from a distance of 5m, it is almost impossible to see the existence of this device. This gives the impression of a glass wall capable of displaying images

Brightness is standard and customizable

With high brightness, it is suitable even for outdoor use with extremely brilliant display images. This is thanks to the illumination parameter that is easy to adjust to a level close to daylight or automatically adjusted according to the sun to provide the desired lighting effect.

Convenient transport and installation

Led screen rental weighs of only about 12kg/m2. This makes the device easier to transport and install compared to traditional displays and significantly reduces costs.

Reputable transparent led screen rental supplier

We are now proud to be the leading unit in the field of providing projection solutions. Here specializes in providing product lines such as: LED screens for events, halls, football and transparent LED screens, etc., with quality, attractive prices and incentives in the market.

Transparent led screen

Currently, the demand for LED screens is increasing, leading to the use of transparent LED screens more and more. But to choose a reputable and quality supplier is not an easy thing. Hope the above information will help you better understand what is transparent LED screen? The best quality presentation solution is led screen rental.

Led screen rental service

Depending on the needs of use, you can choose the type of screen common indoors or outdoors with many different sizes. All monitors here are guaranteed to be the latest, using the most advanced technology, for sharp images with excellent quality.

You do not need to care about the led screen cost when using the service. Because the company has carefully researched the market and is committed to providing you with good products, attractive prices that no other unit can compete with.

Led screen rental

Quality screen, reasonable price, good service quality and high sense of responsibility are the strengths at the company that are highly appreciated by users. Furthermore, you can hire committed services.

LED screen rental process

The steps to perform the led screen rental process are as follows:

Step 1: The customer provides information to check and confirm that there are still available screen types.

Step 2: Agree on contract terms including:

  •    Moreover, cost of rental, installation, transportation, loading and unloading and other related expenses.
  •     Time of installation and dismantling returns the original premises to the lessee.
  •     Payment method by cash or bank transfer and how much deposit, when, when will the remaining amount be paid out?
  •     Similarly, rights and obligations of both parties to the terms of the contract. If there is a violation, what are the penalties?

Price list for rental LED screen Saigon Sound and Light

The rental price of led screen rental depends on many factors. Specifically, such as the use environment, screen size, screen resolution, etc. The price calculates by m2 of screen and rent by day. The company always ensures to provide LED screen rental service with the most favorable price.

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