Nigeria 100m2 Oudtoor P10 for Jeus Mega Party, Lagos

June 05, 2021

MPLED is so grateful to cooperate with Father’s House Bible Church which is so famous in the world. Richmond is our client who always teach us to be kind and love with our world and people around.

Project requirement:

1.High brightness for outdoor in Nigeria beach

2.Totally humidity and waterproof near the sea

3.Three years warranty

MPLED solution:

 1.Nation star gold wire SMD3535 led to make more than 7000cd brightness

2.Meanwell power supply to well improve the power rate from 85% to 95%

3.Three layers anti-corrosion, dustproof and salt-spray resistant painting for led module components.

A:The back of the module is filled with glue, and the protection level of the back reaches IP65.

B: The power supply uses 3 layers of three anti-paint.

C: The exposed areas on the terminals of the power supply are covered with glass glue.

D:The power cord is changed to a silicone cord, which can work in an environment of minus 40° to 80°. Above 4 points, the screen can work in a 90% humidity environment.

4.MPLED provided 3 years warranty

His high appreciation for our sales and our team can well encourage us to do better and do believe what we are doing

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