What should be outdoor advertising led display video recording time?

June 19, 2021

Outdoor advertising led display is in many ways superior to traditional types of advertising media.

outdoor advertising led display

Speaking of the advantages, it should also be noted that the structures are economical in terms of electricity consumption. Renting an LED screen will be beneficial for those who want to advertise their services, goods or provide consumers with other relevant information with minimal costs and high efficiency.

As for the shortcomings, we can say a little higher cost of the screens, as well as the fact that they do not look as impressive at close range as at a long distance.


The effectiveness of advertising of individual establishments and the services or goods they provide using LED screens has been proven many times. But what does the uninterrupted functioning of the screens depend on?

Regardless of the type of outdoor advertising led display, internal purpose or external, their work is impossible without the following components:


 The most microscopic part of a video broadcast by a video screen. Pixel parameters can be different, the smallest is 19 mm and the largest is 80 mm. One pixel can contain from 1 to 8 color LEDs. Elements with red, green and blue shades are mainly used;

Pixel pitch:

 It comes by the interval between two adjacent pixels, more precisely between their midpoints. At the same time, a smaller step provides a higher quality;

LED per pixel – a place where LEDs of different shades of the color palette are located on one pixel;


 Several pixels combined into one solid element;

Outdoor advertising led display in Offices:

 This is the name of an element in which several modules are collected, while the parameters of the cabinet are similar to those of the modules;

Observation angle:

 The brightness of the LED depends on these characteristics with a significant deviation to the side, and, accordingly, the contrast of the perceived image;

Graphic resolution:

This indicator depends on how many pixels are inside the module per 1 m².

Each of these elements ensures the quality of the outdoor advertising led display.


Among the main features of LED screens:

  • The surface of the screen is a kind of light source that acts as a modulator. This is their main difference from a projector or video cube;
  • LED structures can be installed in any conditions: with high humidity, high air pollution and constant noise;
  • control comes by remotely, additional operator participation is not important.
  • LED screens play a huge role in modern life. They allow a person to find out a variety of news, both advertising and informational.

LED or neon – which sign is better for outdoor advertising led display?

Key features of an ideal LED sign include:

Light weight.

A quality LED sign cannot be heavy. It is based on special glass and a thin aluminum frame. The latter acts as a radiator for backlighting and has a positive effect on the duration of the “life” of the advertisement. However, short-lived LED signs made of plastic can also be light, so pay attention not only to the weight, but also to the material of the outdoor advertising led display;

Uniform arrangement of the backlight

 Under the surface of a good sign, you will not notice too bright or dark areas, not hidden under the frame of LED fibers, overflows;

outdoor advertising led display 2021

A moderate number of LED strips

 You should be on your guard if the manufacturer praises the sign for a record number of LEDs. Such advertising objects are one of the cases when more is not better, but dimmer.

How to maintain outdoor advertising led display record time?

There are times when an advertiser ordered a seemingly perfect sign, but it did not last for several months. The point here is not in false selection criteria, but in the incorrect operation of the product.

Even the most reliable and high quality outdoor advertising led display will fade in record time if placed in direct sunlight or exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, choosing an excellent sign is not enough – it is important to use it as carefully and carefully as possible.

What should be the average screen duration?

The main format for the duration of videos for outdoor LED screens is 10 second videos. On small formats, for example screens 6 x 3 meters, even shorter timing becomes standard – 5 seconds.

There is data on efficiency measurements that indicate that 0.2 seconds is sufficient to make contact. That is, for example, when something gets into our review, our brain is able to catch and perceive this image. But for this image to assimilate (identified and associated), the brain needs about 2 seconds.

Set frame setting for outdoor advertising led display

 In this regard, there is a basic “Rule of 3 seconds” for one frame. If you have changeable content and there are several static images that the audience needs to perceive, then each slide or frame should be broadcast for at least 3 seconds! That is why, speaking of a video with a duration of 10 seconds, we recommend that there be no more than 3 slides in outdoor advertising led display.

There are three things to look at forever:

  1. Fire
  2. water, and
  3. Quality outdoor advertising.

 Do you agree that a cool sign attracts the eye like a magnet, and it is impossible to tear yourself away from viewing it? First Advertising Company has compiled a list of TOP 10 types of outdoor advertising. This is a selection of designs that will always be in trend.

The best types of outdoor advertising

Here are the top-end options. If you are going to order a sign in Kiev , be sure to choose something from this list.

Volumetric letters

The most popular type of outdoor advertising. A trendy and eye-catching look for signage. When ordering such a sign, each letter of your name is made and mounted separately, as an independent part of the composition.

Volumetric letters strongly resemble the effect of 3D rendering. They can be both light with the use of internal or back lighting ( backlight ), and non-light, made of metal. But our company can also make metal letters with illumination.

Volumetric letters have a great advantage over all other types of signs in that they can be placed in any area of ​​Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, according to the rules for placing outdoor advertising.

Some entrepreneurs believe that it is more profitable to install a TV or LCD LCD panel than to buy an LED screen. They say it will cost several times cheaper. We propose not to take our word for it, but to check whether the assumption is really true.

The cost of outdoor advertising led display and LCD TV sets

If you look at the cost of an LED screen and a similar-sized LCD LCD TV, the TV, of course, will cost less. At least if it’s an inexpensive brand. But if the desired size of the structure exceeds the standard size of TVs, the LED monitor turns into a more profitable purchase. The cost of large LCD TVs is high, as is the cost of LED screens.

Draw! Both the TV and the outdoor advertising led display have their pros and cons in the price.

Resistant to the environment

As soon as the temperature drops below 5 degrees, the TV will immediately start to malfunction. If humidity appears, then everything will become bad at all. LED screens are adapted to work at any temperature (from -30 to +30 degrees) and humidity. 

In addition, they are protected from dust, condensation and other nuances of outdoor placement. In addition, if the weather conditions are very harsh, the LED display can be equipped with ventilation or heating devices without any problems. LCD TV will not work.

As you can see, an LED monitor has many times more advantages in terms of resistance to weather, humidity and temperature than a TV.

Image saturation of outdoor advertising led display

There is nothing even to think about here! Even if you take an expensive LCD panel with LED-backlight, its brightness will be from 400 to 2000 cd. per square meter. For comparison, the brightness of conventional TVs is from 240 to 400 cd per square meter meter. 

The interior LED display has a brightness of 2500 to 3500 cd. per sq. meter, while outdoor from 3500 to 7500 cd. per sq. meter.

A definite victory for the LED monitor! The image on it looks richer and more attractive.

Lack of seams (joints)

A video wall made of liquid crystal modules is a set of panels located next to each other. Obviously, this option a priori includes the presence of joints. Seamless LED screen, regardless of size. An LED monitor is made of small LED modules that sit side-by-side.

Once again, the outdoor advertising led display prevailed. It looks much more harmonious than a video wall made of panels.

What’s the conclusion?

Outdoor advertising led display has won! This is because this structure is really made specifically for advertising. TV or LCD panels are not suitable for this purpose, especially for outdoor advertising.

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