P1.56 40sq.m for Conference Center

June 29, 2021

At present, COB package is used for Small pitch LED display in the market

Small pitch LED screen features of COB packaging technology:

1. Super “stability”: almost no faults and no dead spots.

2. No “dazzling”: use surface light sources instead of “dazzling” point light sources and other environmental protection technologies. The brightness is soft and protects human eyes.

3. Not “squeaky”: not afraid of bumps, can be wiped with water, protection grade IP66.

4. No “seam”: you can “customize” precision displays of different scales.

5. Use “long life”: 24 hours and 365 days of continuous use for more than 8 years (theoretical 10 years).

6. “It is the future”: It will replace DLP, LCD, plasma, projection, movie screen, SMD LED display and other display products.

Project requirement:

1.Fast delivery within 25 days

2.Ultra high quality image

3.4K videos and control system

4.3pcs led display independent and joint for videos

4.Noiseless and very good heat control

5.Simplified installation and strong led to avoid damage during installation

MPLED Solution:

1.MPLED VIP order service fast production within 25 days

2.Nova star MCTRL700/600 and super video machine M4S for 10.4 millions pixel, M8S for 20.8 millions pixel

3.Smart design P1.56 led display with 4:3 cabinet, totally front access

Freely tell us your creativity, we realize for you with professional one-stop solution of led displays.

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