P10 led billboard case of outdoor advertising in France

October 25, 2020

Project Name: Mpled P10 outdoor led billboard case of outdoor advertising in France
Product Model: 
Screen Size: 3.84 x 2.88m (W x H)
Location:  France
Time: 2015
Applicable environment: outdoor LED advertising display, commercial advertising LED display, High reflash 
LED display

P10 led billboard case of outdoor advertising in France

When you plan to install a led digital sign, you may have no idea with what it will be looks like. sometimes, you have to stop your plan and keep investigating. We can fully understand your hesitation and worries. It is not a small invest on advertising. That's why we share finished led sign projects with you to make you to know it better. If this sharing can help you in making your plan and decision, we will feel happy!
Today, we would like to share an electrical led sign project in France with you. Watson Realty corp. is a real estate company.  They have a lot of traditional signs and banner for marketing, however, the traditional signs and banners are out of time. They can not meet the new market request anymore. Finally, they decide to install some led signs on the pervious signs. Our agent "France CBS" won the tender by high quality products and good reputation. It has been proved that the cooperation is a wise decision between Watson and France CBS.

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