P16 outdoor led display case of outdoor advertising in indon

October 28, 2020

Project Name: Mpled P16 outdoor led display case of outdoor advertising in indonesia
Product Model: 
Screen Size: 5.12 x 3.072m (W x H)
Location:  indonesia
Time: 2015
Applicable environment: outdoor LED advertising display, commercial advertising LED display, High reflash LED display

P16 outdoor led display case of outdoor advertising in indon

Horison hotel is a four stars hotel which  located at Makassar of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. In oder to promote their business, they installed a led display in front of their building in October. The owner of horizon hotel finally chose our distributor in Jakarta as his supplier. Our distributor recommended our FO-16 product to him after discussed all the project requests and information. It has been proved to be a wise decision and recommendation. 
Our FO-16 led display use 2R1G1B instead of 1R1G1B as a pixel for two reasons. first, 2R1G1B design could enhance the led screen's brightness. As we all know that indonesia is very near equator so that the sunshine is very strong. If the led display's brightness is not enough, its visual performance will be deeply influenced. second, the horison hotel led display size is limited. we use visual pixel technology to enhance its resolution to make sure it can show a high quality video well. The customer is so happy with this led display. He said, it is fantastic. He is thinking to install another led screen. Our distributor there will be their first choice. 
We sincerely hope that our led screen could help horison hotel enlarging its business.

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