P3.9-7.8 Indoor Transparent LED Display

June 25, 2021

In this project in Singapore, we recommend to customers to use transparent screens according to customer needs. The advantages of this product are most in line with customer needs.

Project requirement:

1.High brightness towards outside and people should well watch images clearly in the daytime

2.Enough slim and light in the shop

3.Rear maintenance

MPLED Solution:

1.Customized 4500cd high brightness with king light led

2.1000*500mm cabinet size and 82% transparency

3.Only 12kg/m2 for this product

Keep lighting for building inside,Keep wind through from transparent

led display

Size customization available,This product unit panel size can well customize according to real window/site size/situation to make it 100% suit with buildings.

Freely tell us your creativity, we realize for you with professional one-stop solution of led displays.

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