P3.91 Indoor&outdoor Stage LED Display

July 01, 2021

As a customized die-cast aluminum box design, the LED rental display is light, thin, and quick to install as its most important features.

The box is light and thin, can be installed, dismantled and transported quickly, and is suitable for large-area leasing and fixed installation applications.

It is processed by a synchronous control system, and can accept various video input signals such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV, etc., and can play video, graphic and other programs at will.

Excellent heat dissipation design and heat dissipation performance, no need for external fans, air conditioners, etc., low noise; light weight of the cabinet, low installation costs; low power consumption of the cabinet, saving operating costs.

The waterproof effect is good, with IP65 protection grade, suitable for outdoor rental use.

Project requirement:

1.Both application for indoor and outdoor

2.High refresh rate for HD camera

3.Friendly visual perception under sunshine

4.High quality for Japanese important event

MPLED Solution:

1.RH PRO high end cabinet

2.SMD1921 black leds for 7000:1 high contrast, people can clearly watch video even under sunshine which can also control the working temperature for led display

Freely tell us your creativity, we realize for you with professional one-stop solution of led displays.

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