P3.91 rental led display shining in First National Bank Road

October 24, 2020

Project Name: Mpled p3.91 rental  led display shining in First National Bank Roadshow,South Africa
Product Model: 
Screen Size: 5 x 3m (W x H)
Number of screens: 2
Location: South Africa
Time: 2015
Applicable environment: Indoor LED advertising display, commercial advertising LED display, High reflash 
LED display
P3.91 rental led display shining in First National Bank Road

Indoor LED display is featured with high defination, wide viewing angle. And comparing with the other kind indoor media for example the LCD display, it is also featured with the very high brightness to 2000nits above.
Indoor LED display is also very good to be designed as rental type LED display, especially the P6mm indoor LED display. The rental display cabinet is made from Aluminum, with hanging pillar going through the cabinet. It is adjustable, and can afford 3 Ton weight.
P6mm indoor LED display has been widely made into this kind rental cabinet, and popular in most market all over the world. People use this kind LED display in stage, concerts, auto show, and other kind events.
This case is for an autoshow held in China. They install the P6mm rental type indoor LED display divided to 3 big pieces. The unusual led display installation method has attracted a lot of visitors to their booth.

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