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P2.5 Indoor Airport Cylindircal LED Display

August 08, 2023

Oman is an Arab country located in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, boasting breathtaking diversity and beautiful natural landscapes, making it a highly sought-after tourist destination.

MPLED Creative soft film display screen

In 2021, Oman International Airport partnered with MPLED to create five innovative custom display screens. This series of creative displays includes a circular display screen and four flat screens, infusing a new level of enthusiasm into the airport’s brand stores and creating a mesmerizing allure.

MPLED indoor commercial display LED wall

The circular display screen surrounds the cosmetics brand stores within the airport, presenting clear and vibrant commercial advertisements to customers. These advertising screens feature an ultra-wide 135° inner and outer arc, with no creases, high contrast, and exquisite images, ensuring passengers enjoy a comfortable visual experience when watching. Additionally, this LED display screen can be chosen with resolutions of 2K, 4K, or 8K, offering a clearer visual experience.

MPELD Indoor commercial display wall

Furthermore, four flat display screens are cleverly embedded in the airport’s retail and liquor stores, providing practical information to travelers. Passengers can easily browse product information, real-time discounts, promotions, and shopping advice, making shopping more enjoyable and convenient. These ultra-thin and lightweight displays also support front maintenance, allowing technicians to easily remove malfunctioning panels from the frame and perform timely repairs, providing passengers with greater reliability and a worry-free shopping experience.

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