P5 outdoor led screen of outdoor advertising in Belgium

October 27, 2020

Project Name: Mpled: P5 outdoor led screen of outdoor advertising in Belgium
Product Model: FO-P5
Screen Size: 5.76x 1.92m (W x H)
Location: Belgium
Time: 2015

Applicable environment: outdoor LED advertising display, commercial advertising  
LED display
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P5 outdoor led screen of outdoor advertising in Belgium

When talking about LED display screen, many people would immediately have the giant size wall screens in mind, or the "big big TV" installed on the squares. They are so big the projects that could be installed only by the rich outdoor advertising companies, the real estate companies, or the sponsors for the games, concerts…anyhow it's not a product for the small stores.
Actually it is not true at all. Coming with lower and lower cost, outdoor led screens has been more and more widely installed by the private stores. Think about it, how much does a light box cost, how much does a painted billboard cost, and how much does a revolving billboard cost? There's no big difference from the cost of LED display. But no doubt LED display is much more attractive with its dynamic effects – logo, image, cartoon, and videos. And you can change the display content whenever you want. As well, if you get the permit of local government, you would have a quite good income by its advertising. So it's really the time to change the inertia thinking, when you're sourcing an out-of-home media for your stores.
And many people worry it's a new product that has never operated. But everybody is familar with operating a computer, and yes the LED display could be treated as one bigger size computer monitor. For this application LED displays, which we call as LED signs, they are usually one complete unit that no assembly job is required for. What you need to do is just put it on the location, and feed the power in.
Another problem you worry might be: how can i do when i need to program the screen? Should I approach the high place, how can i do that when in stormy weather? The answer is no, because it's totally wireless communication solution led sign display. So you just sit down in your room, have one coffee in hand, open your laptop and start the operation by Wifi.

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