What is difference between p6 indoor led display & neon display?

July 20, 2021

p6 indoor led display

In order to promptly display commercials, posters or useful materials on the p6 indoor led display on the street and indoors, it is necessary to connect it to the system. It includes:

  • a computer or specialized player equipped with control software;
  • a set of controllers that help deliver and transform information;

LED drivers that convert a digital signal into a current from which the LEDs are powered.

The system, in which all the listed elements interconnect, has impressive functionality and demonstrates high-quality images. With the help of such a system, it is possible to show online broadcasts of matches and concerts on the display without losing the picture quality. Thanks to it, it becomes possible to build networks of screens.

What capabilities should a p6 indoor led display control system have?

  • Play video using all the functionality of the drivers
  • Stream videos according to a multi-day schedule
  • Have a flexible setting of the palette common for the color rendering of the LED screen
  • Equipped with a modular structure to accommodate a variety of hardware capabilities.
  • Moreover, it allows you to adjust the geometry of the LED screen so that the image on screens of different shapes and sizes looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Have monitoring capabilities (have logs of video broadcasts, events and user actions).

LED screen Information Security

The price of p6 indoor led display for indoor or outdoor use does not affect their security against unauthorized access. A control system with a security function is responsible for information security.

p6 indoor led display 2021

Thanks to it, the system can prevent the display of unauthorized materials and protect the activity logs from distortion of the information recorded in them. To ensure that the information security function cannot be removed, it must be integrated with the management system.

Industrial interference and electromagnetic compatibility

Since LED screens use many electronic elements and are digitally controlled, they are subject to industrial interference. They appear due to electromagnetic radiation that occurs as a result of high-speed switching of LEDs and other elements.

 Industrial interference contaminates the radio frequency spectrum and makes it difficult or impossible to receive radio and television signals. It is possible to reduce the amount of interference with the help of a quality control system.

P6 indoor led display or neon signs? Choosing the best

The history of neon signs is significantly longer than the history of LED screens. Using neon to attract the attention of potential buyers began in 1915. This year, neon patented the first neon lamp and began designing advertising signs that glow from tubes filled with a noble gas. The innovation was tested in 1912 on the facade of a hairdressing salon in Paris.

The invention turned out to be so attractive and timely that already in 1920 it began to be common far beyond the borders of world. Similarly, neon signs adorned the facades of the smallest American shops. In the China, this type of advertising structures came only in 1931 and for a long time had no success, because the country was going through difficult times.

Why tubes were popular in 90s?

However, by the 90s, neon tube signs had gained popularity and began to install not only in cinemas and hotels, but also in shops, bistros, restaurants and other establishments.

Today neon is losing ground due to p6 indoor led display. Advertising structures are still common, but they appear on city streets much less frequently than LED screens. An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of neon signs and LED displays allows you to make your choice.

Pros of neon designs

Allows you to embody any design ideas

The master can choose the brightness and saturation of the color, bends and thickness of the lines himself. It only depends on him how stylish and attractive the sign will turn out.


Furthermore, neon structures can last for about 10-15 years.

Light up instantly

While fluorescent and mercury fluorescent lamps turn on with some delay, neons do it without a pause.


Electricity consumption when using neon lamps is much less than when using incandescent lamps. Therefore, the cost of maintaining a neon sign is minimal.

Do not fade

Resistant to frost and precipitation

They do not heat up and do not provoke a short circuit


The disadvantages of neon advertising include its cost. Fluorescent tube designs are significantly less expensive than neon options and are often preferred by budget-conscious buyers. The high price is justified by the complexity of the sign manufacturing.

A craftsman who produces neon tubes for advertising signs must have a lot of experience and a lot of highly specialized skills.

Neon looks spectacular only in the dark. During the day, the inscription or drawing from the pipes is not striking, which is why potential buyers and visitors pass by the institution. In order for neon tubes to shine, they need to be periodically filled with gas. Moreover, this is a labor-intensive occupation; therefore, it estimated quite expensive.

Benefits of p6 indoor led display

Affordable price

Outdoor video screen is about 10% cheaper than neon construction. The availability of LED monitors has led to an increase in their popularity.

Ability to change text, images, fonts

Once you pick up your finished neon sign, you cannot change the text or images placed on it. Need to remove or add something? Order a new sign. It is much easier to work with p6 indoor led display: with the help of a computer, the owner of the structure can change advertisements and images accompanying them at any time.

Profitability of p6 indoor led display

LED displays consume 5-10 times less energy than neon signs.

Ease of service

LEDs do not need to be refueled and changed frequently. Furthermore, they can operate around the clock for many years and give a vivid picture.


Neon can boast of a bright glow only in the dark, while LED screens show a bright picture both day and night. Moreover, even direct sunlight is not able to spoil the perception of advertising displayed on LED structures.


Each p6 indoor led display lasts at least 5 years. During this time, the owner manages to earn decent money and recoup the costs of purchasing the structure.

Business on LED screens: how to make money from advertising

The p6 indoor led display has spread everywhere today. While competitors have no more than 4 outdoor screens, ACM has exceeded 20 long ago. The quantitative advantage, of course, plays a role in business development, but this is far from the only difference in the strategy of the Lithuanian company.

We analyze human behavior regarding p6 indoor led display

Before installing the screens, specialists turned to research companies that analyze human behavior. Thanks to the help of these companies, it was possible to find places where the traffic of pedestrians and drivers is as dense as possible.

It was at these points that the outdoor screens were placed. In the course of their operation, it turned out that every week the advertising broadcast from the screens gets into the visibility zone of 4 million people. Moreover, considering that the population of Lithuania is 3.7 million, the coverage rates seem incredible.

Correct Installation of p6 indoor led display

Another step that helped p6 indoor led display achieve success is the correct allocation of airtime. The company regularly conducts research to discover the dependence of the traffic flow intensity on the time of day. The location of the screen also matters.

Experts found that screens installed in different parts of the city have different coverage rates even at the same time. This information allows you to offer the most beneficial placement plan to your airtime shoppers.

Business on LED screens

Reduce and repeat

To broadcast advertising on outdoor screens to be effective, it is important to correctly calculate the duration of the videos. 10-15 second videos are suitable for reporting the opening of a store, launching a promotion, or the beginning of a sale.

Such a short ad is absorbed faster. For better memorization of information, the videos are repeated every 1-2 minutes. One of the prerequisites is the presence of large pictures and large text components in the videos. Similarly, if this condition does not meet, the effectiveness of advertising significantly reduces.

Not a single advertisement …

P6 indoor led display broadcasts not only commercials. They occupy 70% of the airtime, the remaining 30% – news, weather forecast, event announcements. This proportion comes by the specialists of the Lithuanian company as ideal, because it allows you to show ads most of the time without losing the audience’s attention.

Passers-by, knowing that information of interest to them periodically appears on the screens, more often pay attention to them. Moreover, billboards attract them much less because they cannot share relevant data on weather and cultural events.


Before buying p6 indoor led display, they often ask questions about how harmful the moisture that gets on the surface of devices during rains and snowfalls is. Buyers are afraid that the screen, which has stood in the off-season and winter, will become unusable and will need to be replaced.

 And getting a new display every year is too expensive. We will tell you everything that the owner of the screen should know about the effect of precipitation on LEDs and other elements of the device.

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