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MPLED outdoor digital signage screens light up the streets of Mozambique

May 26, 2023

In September 2023, three outdoor LED billboards appeared on the streets of Mozambique, Africa. One was installed on the wall of the building and two were installed beside the street. Manufactured from MPLED, these billboards are designed to ensure vivid and eye-catching advertising images.

There are many pedestrians and vehicles on the streets every day. The client hopes to use these three advertising displays to convey advertising information to passing vehicles and pedestrians and effectively promote the company’s business. FC series outdoor advertising digital signage display has become their ideal choice.

The FC series is known for its high brightness, vivid colors and excellent visual effects. These roadside billboards are used to present advertising, promotional information and brand promotions, aiming to maximize the eyeballs of passing pedestrians and vehicles, while also helping to enhance the beauty and modernity of the city.

LED display screens are more flexible and creative than traditional outdoor advertising. The billboards manufactured by MPLED have vivid colors, and the 8mm pixel pitch of the FC series ensures that the advertisements are eye-catching and create an immersive visual experience.

Considering outdoor conditions, the FC series billboards adopt a protection level of up to IP65 to ensure stable operation under extreme conditions of moisture, high temperature, and haze, ensuring the reliability of billboards in various harsh climate conditions.

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