Please check the latest Chinese entry policy

March 23, 2023

Please check the latest Chinese entry policy

China has resumed the entry function of visas that were issued before March 28, 2020 and are still valid. The Visa Agencies Stationed Abroad resume reviewing and issuing various types of visas to China for foreigners; The Port Visa Agencies resume reviewing and issuing various port visas that meet statutory reasons; The policy of visa-free entry to Hainan, visa-free Shanghai cruise, visa-free entry to Guangdong by groups of foreigners from Hong Kong and Macao, and visa-free entry to Guangxi Guilin by ASEAN tourist groups will be resumed.

At present, COVID-19 tests and centralized isolation are no longer necessary. As long as your health declaration is normal and the routine quarantine at the port is normal, you can enter our country. You may need an invitation letter from a Chinese supplier or friend, feel free to contact our sales for confirmation. If your wife/husband is willing to visit China with you, you can share his/her information with us, and we will arrange an invitation letter together.

Good news! In order to further facilitate the exchange of Chinese and foreign personnel, from 00:00 on March 15, 2023, Beijing time, the visa agencies stationed abroad will resume the examination and issuance of various types of visas for foreigners to go to China. You can choose the type of visa according to your purpose and needs in China.

The peak season for factory visits is coming, if you need help, such as getting the latest news, booking a hotel, please feel free to contact us. Welcome to visit MPLED company!

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