Protective Measures for LED Display

April 06, 2023

As an important part of modern display technology, LED display has the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast, low power consumption, long life, programmable, versatility and easy maintenance, and it also has the characteristics of water-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof and corrosion resistance. However, when encountering severe weather such as heavy rainfall and strong wind, it is also necessary to strengthen protection. The following are MPLED thoughts on LED display protection:

1.Common Waterproofing Measures

(1) Waterproof casing: The location where the LED display is installed can be wrapped with a waterproof casing to prevent rain, snow, dust… from entering the screen.

(2) Waterproof sealant: Apply waterproof sealant to the internal and external interfaces of the LED display to prevent moisture and dust from entering the interior of the display.

(3) Waterproof wires: Use waterproof wires to connect the circuits inside the LED display to prevent moisture from penetrating into the circuit.

(4) Waterproof power supply: The power supply of the LED display also needs to be waterproofed, which can be realized by using a waterproof power cord and a waterproof power switch.

(5) Waterproof heat dissipation: The heat dissipation system of the LED display adopts a waterproof design to prevent water from entering the radiator and affecting the heat dissipation effect.

2.Common Wind Protection Measures

(1) Strengthen the supporting structure: Use stronger materials and firmer designs on the supporting structure of the LED display to enhance its wind resistance.

(2) Fixing the anchor bolts: When installing the LED display, use the fixing anchor bolts to firmly fix the display on the ground to prevent it from being blown down by the wind.

(3) Wind direction sensor: Install a wind direction sensor to monitor the wind direction, so that timely measures can be taken when strong wind occurs, such as adjusting the angle of the display screen or turning off the display screen.

(4) Appropriate inclination: When designing and installing, consider the inclination of the LED display so that it can resist wind pressure and reduce the impact of wind.

(5) Power failure protection: In strong wind weather, the circuit and internal components of the LED display can be protected through the power failure protection mechanism.

3.Common Lightning Protection Measures

(1) Grounding protection: Add reliable grounding protection measures to the circuit of the LED display to prevent lightning from generating excessive voltage on the circuit.

(2) Lightning rod: Install a lightning rod at a high place near the LED display to guide lightning into the ground and prevent lightning from directly hitting the LED display.

(3) Lightning arrester: Use lightning arrester on the power lines and signal lines of the LED display to reduce the damage to the circuit caused by lightning.

(4) Lightning protection device: Install a lightning protection device on and around the LED display to reduce lightning damage to the display.

(5) Power failure protection: In thunder and lightning weather, the circuit and internal components of the LED display can be protected through the power failure protection mechanism.

4.Common Dust Prevention Measures

(1) Screen filter: A screen filter is installed on the back of the display screen, which can effectively filter dust and pollutants in the air and reduce its impact on the internal components of the display screen.

(2) Closed design: The enclosure and frame of the display screen adopt a closed design, which can effectively isolate the internal and external environments of the display screen and reduce the entry of dust and pollutants.

(3) Regular cleaning: Regular cleaning of the display case and frame can prevent the accumulated dust and pollutants from damaging the internal components of the display.

(4) Indoor installation: Installing the display screen indoors can reduce the impact of pollutants and ensure its long-term stable operation.

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