How to setup outdoor led display rental? Price and Video Configuration

June 19, 2021

How are indoor LED screens different from outdoor LED screens?

outdoor led display rental

An important aspect of conducting a presentation, training / seminar or reporting meeting is the use of visualization tools, one of which is increasingly becoming outdoor led display rental. It allows you to make the most of your multimedia capabilities. 

At the same time, the sizes of LED screens can be practically any, since for the most part their design is composite.  Furthermore, it is assembled from independent (self-sufficient) elements called a cabinet or panel (an alternative, also commonly used name).

The designs of displays intended for indoor and outdoor are different.  Furthermore,  outdoor displays can be used indoors, and indoor displays cannot be used outdoors. Let’s take a closer look.

Scope of LED screens

The light-emitting diode (LED) display was invented by the Americans (back in 1977), improved (made in color) by the Japanese, and extended to all spheres of life (by reducing the cost) by the Chinese. 

Today, products using outdoor led display rental can be found in almost any industry that requires the creation of large-sized images and the transmission of information in dynamics. 

Massively LED displays are used in advertising (both indoor and outdoor). In addition, they replace billboards and billboards; the time of static advertising (printed on posters) is inevitably a thing of the past. 

Why outdoor led display rental are popular?

Due to the modularity of designs, advertising surfaces can be of any size and proportion, clearly visible both day and night, and most importantly, interactive. Similarly, the LED screen is controlled like a regular multimedia. Moreover, the billboard is now a large outdoor TV that shows the same commercials as its apartment cousin.

LED screens are widely used in airports and train stations, they are used as various information boards (indoors and outdoors). Not a single concert or mass event is complete without them. 

Differences between LED screens

The differences in outdoor led display rental arise from the nature of the tasks they are designed to solve. 

First, there are differences in technical characteristics related to image transmission:

  • resolution and density of the image
  •  pixel pitch
  • Moreover, brightness and contrast
  • And secondly, at the place of use – outdoors or inside the building.

So, outdoor led display rental with a resolution of 1024×768 will transmit an image with the same clarity as a standard laptop screen. The size of an LED screen with this resolution (with a pixel pitch of 10 mm) will be approximately 10.24×7.68m. 

Naturally, the comfortable viewing distance on a laptop and a multi-meter LED design will vary greatly. The density of the image (measured in the number of pixels per square meter) depends on how densely the light points (pixels) are located on the display.

What should be the image density of outdoor led display rental?

Image density is directly related to the concept of pixel pitch – this is the main characteristic of an LED display, it is present in the model name. For example, outdoor LED screen has a pixel pitch of 3.91mm. That is, the minimum distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels is just less than 4 millimeters.

 The larger the step, the higher the density and the shorter the viewing distance. There is an empirical relationship between step and distance – 1 m / mm. For the above model, the comfortable viewing distance will be about 4 meters (3.91m round up).

LED screen brighter than the sun

Brightness varies greatly depending on where the device is used. For outdoor led display rental for high-quality performance of its functionality, it is enough to have aperture values ​​in the range of 800-1200 cd / m2 (or nit). A standard computer monitor shines with a power of about 300 nits. 

A street tabloid should give out aperture rate of up to 6000 cd / m2, only in this case, the picture issued by it can be seen on a bright sunny day. Because of this, outdoor designs must use powerful (and correspondingly) larger LEDs. Typically, the minimum pixel pitch for outdoor LED screens is 8-10mm. 

The power Consumption of outdoor led display rental

The power consumption of outdoor LED displays is quite substantial. This, along with direct costs (for consumed electricity), increases indirect costs due to increased requirements for power sources. 

Reinforced radiators have to be introduced into the design of the screens (to discharge excess heat) and additional power elements to increase strength. Plus, it provides protection from rain, wind and solar ultraviolet radiation. Working on the street is expensive. 

What is the price od led display rental?

The price of an outdoor led display rental is several times lower than that of a similar size, but intended for outdoor use. Therefore, the product intended for the street is not used in the building, although it would do it. 

Setting up the LED screen is universal. The specialization by type of use is for economic reasons.

What is LED screen display?

As already mentioned, modern screens are prefabricated. They are collected from offices, each of which are an independent product and can work alone. True, the resolution of the cabinet does not allow it to broadcast a large image on its own. For example, our led display has a resolution of 128×128 pixels. It is made as a combination of 4 modules, has a handle for easy carrying and installation, locking devices for docking when creating screens.

To create an outdoor led display rental with a resolution equal to that of a computer monitor (1024×768), you need to assemble a 4x3m structure. You will need 48 rooms (8 long and 6 high). In this case, the weight of the structure will be more than 400 kg. And the power consumption is up to 14.5 kW.

Outdoor led display rental

Economic reasons are also the reason for the active growth of the rental market for this equipment. The long service life of LED displays the low price of components for LED screens were the basis for a quite affordable rental price, for almost any customer. 

So, for example, the daily outdoor led display rental with a size of 2x3m is a little more than 40 thousand (and the rental cost decreases every day of rental). 

outdoor led display rental 2021

The screen is assembled from elements (cabinets) measuring 500x500x72mm, a 2x 3 constructions consists of 24 cabinets weighing 9 kg each. The final resolution is 768×511 pixels. 

How much area led screen cover?

For premises with an area of ​​200 square meters or more, it makes sense to use large LED screens. The size is 5×3.5m or 6x4m. Despite their large dimensions, they can be installed both on the floor and suspended at a given height. 

Our company has been working in the market of technical support for holding various events for many years. 

We offer rental / rental of LED displays in sizes from 2×3 to 6×4 m with full support. The assembly and installation of the LED screen is carried out by our specialists, and they will also carry out all the necessary settings for the LED screen.

Why do you need an led for advertisement?

City screens City Vision is one of the most effective video advertising channels. When combined with other marketing tools, you can get great results. Creating a video for outdoor led display rental has its own characteristics that would be nice for all marketers to know. Read this article before ordering an advertising video for your LED screen.

LED screen (aka: LED – screen, multimedia screen) is a device for displaying and transmitting visual information, in which each point – a pixel – is one or more semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs). More details can be found in Wikipedia.  LED screens are actively used for advertising purposes on the streets of large cities.

Features of outdoor LED screens:

Big sizes

 LED screens can be in the form of signs, street “TVs” and even placed on facades, turning into giant media panels:

High brightness

The brightness of LED screens can be different – depending on the characteristics of the screen, but in comparison with LCD screens, an LED screen is ten times brighter. Therefore, the same video on the LCD screen and LED screen may look different.

Low resolution

  In LED screens there is a large distance between the LEDs (several centimeters) because of this the screen looks “grainy” close up, but the picture looks harmonious from a distance.

Custom size and shape

Since these screens are made up of panels, they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

As you can see, LED screens have their own characteristics and fundamental differences from LCD screens. And videos for outdoor led display rental should be created with these features in mind. Before you start shooting a video, you need to know in advance:

The size and shape of the screens on which the video will be broadcast (if they are non-standard, it is better to inform about this in advance – we will choose the desired centering and the video will look harmonious).

“Step” between outdoor led display rental

Timing (there are screens that do not take more than 5 seconds of video).

Videos for LED screens should not contain:

  • thin fonts
  • complex colors, shades, gradients, etc.
  • small details.

It is advisable to use:

  • credits
  • “thick fonts”
  • contrasting colors
  • laconic shooting since the step of the LED street screen is large enough (this is the distance between LED bulbs).
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