SM Series LED Display

  • LED Configuration: SMD1212
  • Module Size/mm: 320 x 160
  • Cabinet Size: 640x480x49mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 7.5Kg
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃~+60℃
SM Series  LED Display
SM Series  LED Display
SM Series  LED Display
SM Series  LED Display
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SM Series Mini Pixel Pitch LED Display Features

1. The SMD LED package can provide a wider viewing angle and a very close viewing distance.

2. Advanced video processing functions can produce clear and delicate images with smooth motion effects.

3. Image feeds provided in standard and high-definition formats.

4. The full depth image calibration of the factory and the field can provide a unified display image.

5. Seamless integration with various other video products.


SM Series Mini Pixel Pitch LED Display Applications

Widely used in TV, retail, meeting rooms, digital media classrooms, hotels, and other places that require ultra-high-definition video presentations.

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Pixel Pitch 1.25mm 1.568mm 1.667mm 1.839mm 2.5mm
LED Configuration SMD1212 SMD1212 SMD1212 SMD1515 SMD2121
Pixel Density/sqm 640000 dots 406406 dots 360000 dots 295664 dots 160000 dots
Module Size/mm 320 x 160 320 x 160 320 x 160 320 x 160 320 x 160
Module Resolution 256x128 dots 204 x 102 dots 192 x 96 dots 174 x 87 dots 128 x 64 dots
Cabinet  Size 640x480x49mm 640x480x49mm 640x480x49mm 640x480x49mm 640x480x49mm
Cabinet Resolution 512x384 dots 408 x 306 dots 384 x 192 dots 348 x 261 dots 256 x 128 dots
Cabinet Weight 7.5Kg 7.5Kg 7.5Kg 7.5Kg 7.5Kg
IP Rating IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20
Brightness /sqm 600 nits 800 nits 800 nits 1000 nits 1000 nits
View Angle/° 160°/ 140°(H/V) 160°/ 140°(H/V) 160°/ 140°(H/V) 160°/ 140°(H/V) 160°/ 140°(H/V)
Gray Scale/bit 16 bit 16  bit 16  bit 16  bit 16  bit
Max. Power Consumption/W 600W/sqm 600W/sqm 600W/sqm 600W/sqm 600W/sqm
Ave. Power Consumption/W 180W/sqm 180W/sqm 180W/sqm 180W/sqm 180W/sqm
Refresh Frequency/Hz ≥3840 Hz ≥3840 Hz ≥3840 Hz ≥3840 Hz ≥3840 Hz
Operating Power AC110/240±10%  50/60Hz
Operating Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Operating Humidity 10~90%RH
Operating Life 100,000Hours


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