smd outdoor p10 led display shining in McDonald’s, France

October 25, 2020

Project Name: Mpled 147 Square meters P10 outdoor led billboard shining in McDonald's, France
Product Model: 
Screen Size: 9.6 x 7.68m (W x H)
Screen Number:2
Location:  France
Time: 2015
Applicable environment: outdoor LED advertising display, commercial advertising LED display, High reflash LED display

smd outdoor p10 led display shining in McDonald's, France
We have installed some led signs for McDonald's chain stores in the past year. There is no doubt that those led signs have helped a lot in increasing McDonald's business. Seeing is believing. 
Another fantastic led sign project is a very good proof.
As you perhaps know, McDonald's stores have changed a lot of their old traditional signs these years. They have many led signs suppliers, such as watchfire, daktronics and other famous led signs manufactures. We are lucky to be one of their suppliers. Actually, led signs are becoming more any more convenience. Installing an LED sign isn't much more complicated than putting up an old monochrome bulb units. what's more, the wireless device makes the information changing much easier!
How can your advertisement makes an impact on drivers or walkers? A unchanged information will make people boring. This is a truth. However, an led sign will make your dream become true. In the morning, you can sit in your own store and input breakfast advertisement and hit send to the sign. An advertisement action is finished. In the afternoon or evening, you can change the breakfast to be lunch or dinner. The whole work will not more than 5 minutes.

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