Some Suggestions for Choosing High-quality LED Display

April 04, 2023

1. Protection Performance

How to choose a dust-proof and moisture-proof small-pitch LED screen? Pay attention to the following aspects:

(1).Grayscale:The grayscale determines the color reproduction capability of  the screen, and it is generally recommended to choose a  screen with a grayscale higher than 14bit.

(2).Brightness:The higher the brightness, the better the display  effect, but you need to choose the appropriate brightness  level according to the outdoor or indoor use environment.

(3).Pixel density:The higher the pixel density, the clearer the display effect, but the viewing distance must also be considered. Generally, the pixel density of indoor small-pitch screens is P2.5 to P5, and the pixel density of outdoor screens is P3.91 to P6.

(4).Dust-proof and moisture-proof performance:Small-pitch LED screens are generally used in indoor places, but humid or dusty environments must also be considered, so products with good dust-proof and moisture-proof performance should be selected.

2. Image Quality Contrast

How to choose a colorful and high-contrast LED screen? Pay attention to the following aspects:

(1).Grayscale: Choose an LED screen with a high grayscale, which can present more delicate colors and improve the contrast of the screen.

(2).Brightness: High brightness can present a brighter and colorful picture, especially suitable for outdoor environments with high brightness and strong light.

(3).Pixel density: The pixel density determines the clarity of the display screen. The higher the screen pixel density, the clearer the displayed picture and the more accurate the color.

(4).Color gamut: Choose an LED screen with a wider color gamut to display richer colors at an appropriate color temperature.

(5).Contrast: The higher the contrast, the clearer the picture and the brighter the color. Choosing an LED screen with high contrast can better present the effect of the picture.

3. Stitching Flatness

How to choose a seamless splicing and smooth LED screen? Pay attention to the following aspects:

(1).Pixel pitch: A smaller pixel pitch can achieve a more delicate picture and make the spliced display screen smoother.

(2).Brightness: High brightness can make the picture clearer and brighter, and can make the spliced screen picture more consistent and smooth.

(3).Gray level: Higher gray level can present delicate pictures, and can also make the spliced pictures smoother and more natural.

(4).Automatic correction function: Select a screen with automatic correction function, which can automatically adjust screen brightness, color and other indicators to make the spliced picture smoother.

(5).Seamless splicing technology: Choose a display with advanced seamless splicing technology to better realize the seamless splicing of the display.

4. Screen Temperature

How to choose an LED screen with high efficiency, energy saving and low temperature cold screen? Pay attention to the following aspects:

(1).LED chips: Selecting high-quality, high-brightness LED chips can improve the display effect and reduce the heat generation and power consumption of the LED module.

(2).Power supply and driver IC: Choose a low-voltage, low-power, high-efficiency power supply and driver IC to ensure the energy saving and stability of the LED screen.

(3).Heat dissipation design: choose a shell and radiator with good heat dissipation effect to ensure that the temperature of the LED screen will not be too high during normal operation, thereby reducing energy consumption and prolonging the service life.

(4).Display effect: Choose a high-definition screen and high-brightness display effect to ensure the comfort and effect of the viewing experience.

In addition, the above points must be based on choosing a company with high-quality products and guaranteed after-sales services to ensure the quality and use effect of the display screen and provide good customer support and services.

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