Taxi Pro Series LED Display

  • Module Size/mm: 320×160
  • Display Size: 28Kg/sqm
  • Cabinet Weight: 18Kg
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Refresh Frequency/Hz: ≥1920 Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃~+60℃
Taxi Pro Series LED Display
Taxi Pro Series LED Display
Taxi Pro Series LED Display
Taxi Pro Series LED Display
Taxi Pro Series LED Display
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Our taxi pro series LED display use high-brightness, low-power SMD LEDs to get the best display performance. New electronic media advertisement with elegant appearance and beautiful appearance. Very networked, intelligent, and digital outdoor media. It will become a low-cost and efficient new outdoor advertising method.

Taxi Pro Series LED Display Features

1. Double-sided LED screen

Double-sided mirror display pictures, animated ads, and live videos to attract as many people as possible.

2. Safe, reliable and stable

The taxi pro series LED display panel was tested for 96 hours at 70°C and 80% humidity. The entire display was tested at 70°C for 24 hours. 100% vibration test.

3. Big perspective

The viewing angle is 160 degrees horizontally and 140 degrees vertically. 5000 cd/m² brightness. Within this range, you can see the original and vivid display effect, and there is no color shift and image distortion.

4. High brightness

The LED display on the top of the taxi can reach 5000nits by using high-intensity outdoor LEDs to ensure that it is bright and clear enough under direct sunlight.

5. IP65 waterproof design

Aluminum alloy die-casting waterproof and dustproof design, easy to deal with harsh environments, suitable for outdoor use.

6. Wireless support

With Wifi/3G/4G wireless control, users can update the advertising content without visiting the website. Advertisers can change the content in a short period of time instead of days or weeks.

Taxi Pro Series LED Display Advantages

1. Very easy to install and maintain. Install the SD card easily. The card bracket is easy to install. Easily replace modules and power supplies.

2. The taxi LED display has an intelligent power supply and heat dissipation design, which reduces the power consumption of the entire sign so that it can run on any vehicle embedded battery system.

If you are looking for LED advertising services, please contact the MPLED team immediately. We are a global supplier specializing in LED display R&D, production, and sales.

Pixel Pitch 2.5mm Pro 2.5mm 3.3mm 4mm 5mm
LED Configuration SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD2727
Module Size/mm 320×160 320×160 320×160 320×160 320×160
Module Resolution 128×64 dots 128×64 dots 96×48 dots 80×40 dots 64×32 dots
Display size 960×320 960×320 960×320 960×320 960×320
Cabinet  Size 1090x435x167 1102x405x135 1090x435x167 1090x435x167 1090x435x167
Cabinet Weight 18Kg 18Kg 18Kg 18Kg 18Kg
IP Rating IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Scan 1/32S 1/32S 1/24S 1/10S 1/8S
Brightness /sqm 4000 nits 4700 nits 4000nits 5000 nits 5000 nits
View Angle/° 160°/ 140°(H/V) 160°/ 140°(H/V) 160°/ 140°(H/V) 160°/ 140°(H/V) 160°/ 140°(H/V)
Gray Scale/bit 14 bit 14 bit 14 bit 14 bit 14 bit
Max. Power Consumption/pc 360 W 360 W 360 W 360 W 360 W
Ave. Power Consumption/W 225 W 225 W 225 W 225 W 225 W
Refresh Frequency/Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz
Operating Power AC 96~242V 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Operating Humidity 10~90%RH
Operating Life 100, 000Hours


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