The 5G era will bring more infinite possibilities to the Internet

November 17, 2020

 5G has become a hot topic in the society
Western countries (mainly the United States) in order to contain China’s development, in succession to pull their little brother and Allies against huawei 5 g products, but the company’s international public relations and product marketing strategy was so powerful that countries such as Britain, Germany, New Zealand defections, voice is not excluded huawei products, did not succeed in the United States.
5G is so important, so what is 5G, what impact will 5G bring to the LED display industry, and how will LED display companies play with 5G display?
First, LED display enterprises need a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of 5G.
5G, although 5G technology has become a hot word in recent years.
But for the LED display industry, it is still a strange concept, LED display industry is rarely equipped with 5G technology display cases.
But with cross-border integration of LED display technology, 5 g technology exploration development matures, 5 g and LED display integration, will no longer be a remote thing, for the LED display business, first thing is to really realize the 5 g, only know clearly, LED display companies to merge with 5 g has a better in the future, to create more value for the LED display industry’s creative display.
5G, the full name of the fifth generation mobile phone mobile communication standards, also known as the fifth generation mobile communication technology.
The main goal of 5G networks is to keep the end users in the network state all the time.
5G networks mean ultra-fast data speeds.
How to combine 5G with LED display will also become a question that LED display industry must think about.
Secondly, LED display enterprises should make use of existing technical resources to carry out preliminary exploration on 5G market.
With the advent of 5G, the Internet of everything era will begin in an all-round way.
Today’s society has been the Internet era, all electric products can be connected up, the Internet of everything is an inevitable trend of social development.
The Internet of everything will also bring infinite possibilities to the LED display industry.
5G technology will also provide faster network transmission speed for the Internet of everything.
The Internet of everything needs to be finally presented through a display terminal.
The Internet of everything also forms different display terminals.
Among all kinds of display terminals, LED display screen plays a great role in outdoor advertising media, indoor small space meeting, monitoring and security system and other aspects in people’s production and life by virtue of its advantages of highlighting, anti-dust, dustproof, waterproof and joinable. It will also occupy an important position in display terminals.
Cross-border integration of LED displays will become a trend.
LED displays will also be integrated with more and more VR, AR and other technologies. The integration of cross-border technologies will make LED displays more intelligent, and VR, AR and other technologies are closely related to data.
5G technology ensures that the transmission of big data is not delayed due to network speed.
With the advent of 5G era, the continuous maturity of 5G technology will make LED display more intelligent, and also promote the continuous optimization and upgrading of LED display technology.
Through the display terminal, will bring terminal customers more unique, immersive visual experience.
This will also bring infinite possibilities for LED display.
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