The application of the display screen in the World Cup

December 07, 2022

Qatar time, at 19:00 on November 20, the biggest event in the sports world this year, the 2022 Qatar World Cup, officially kicked off. 32 teams from different countries competed for the Hercules Cup.

Although the Chinese team missed the World Cup, the presence of Chinese companies shines in every corner of the World Cup in Qatar. From the construction of stadiums and the supply of stands and seats, to off-site supporting facilities such as transportation buses, mobile accommodation houses, photovoltaic photovoltaics, and commemorative commodities such as footballs and jerseys, “Made in China” is frequently seen.

As one of the key forces of Chinese enterprises, LED display companies also play an important role in this World Cup, presenting high-definition football matches to fans all over the world through LED displays, helping the World Cup to be held smoothly.

Among them, Unilumin Technology built two large LED scoring screens at the Lusail Stadium, the main stadium of the World Cup, with a total area of 70.78㎡.

Outside the stadium, Unilumin Technology also provided a total of about 3,600 square meters of LED displays and integrated solutions for Hamad International Airport, five-star hotels, CCTV Qatar broadcast halls, concerts, and landmark shopping centers. Fully guarantee the holding of the World Cup.

Leyard provided 1,500㎡ LED display screens during the World Cup in Qatar. The application scope ranges from the stadium to the appearance of the competition area, from TV studios to outdoor advertisements, hotels, coffee bars, etc., providing a full range of services for the World Cup in Qatar.

Absen has taken care of all the stadium screens in the eight venues of the World Cup in Qatar, with a total area of nearly 2,000 square meters, and sent 2 service engineers to maintain the stadium screens, providing high-quality products and professional services for the World Cup stadium .

On the eve of the World Cup, Liantronics completed the renovation and upgrading of Al Arabi TV in Qatar. The newly built studio uses a small-pitch LED wall of more than 430 square meters. It is known as the largest LED studio screen project in Qatar, which can provide audiences with more immersive events. reports.

Tecnon provided 130 sets of LED light pole screens in the surrounding areas of the World Cup main venue, with a display size of 960mm*1440mm. These LED light pole screens have high-definition bright display screens, intelligent remote control, low power consumption, energy High temperature, waterproof and windproof, it can effectively integrate the basic municipal information display needs and advertising delivery needs of venues and city operations, and bring added value to the overall project.

Aoto Electronics provided video products and solutions for the Qatar World Cup Asian Qualifiers in China. And last year, Aoto Electronics built a number of new LED TV studios for Qatar TV, which have been fully put into use during this year’s World Cup.

MPLED said that the LED display products distributed overseas by the company will be used in the peripheral commercial projects of some stadiums in the World Cup in Qatar.

In the short term, the popularity of the World Cup can temporarily increase the demand for related LED displays; in the long run, what impact will the sports market have on LED displays?

How do sports and LED displays become the best partners?

Today, sports venues have replaced traditional light bulbs and CRT displays with LED displays, becoming an indispensable facility for sports venues. The displayed content has gradually changed from previous numbers to text, pictures, and videos, adding to the atmosphere of the event. Let fans watch the details of the game, and at the same time create advertising revenue for stadiums or event operators.

Specifically, LED display screens are divided into two categories based on their functions and uses: one is the broadcasting function of sports events and live advertisements, which is used to display the slow motion and close-up playback of the game scene, fan interaction, three-dimensional Animation reviews the key judgments of the game and plays commercial advertisements between games. The other is the timing and scoring function, which is connected with the timing and scoring system of the competition, and plays the competition results and related materials of the contestants.

As time progresses, in order to further enhance the value of sports events, the sports market has put forward higher and higher performance and functional requirements for LED displays. Various LED display companies also continue to launch new products, apply the latest technology, meet various needs in a timely manner, and make sports events more exciting.

Absen launched the latest A99 sports field screen, which has excellent display and high stability, and can meet various requirements of customers on product parameters, materials, transportation, safety and so on.
With the help of the LED display, the whole process and exciting moments of the sports game are displayed in high definition; the event information is presented in a timely manner; the slow-motion playback maintains the justice of the game penalty; the commercial advertisement broadcast adds to the game scene and creates more value for the game; more The multi-fan interactive content was presented, pushing the atmosphere of the game to a climax.

The emergence of LED display screens adds more elements of visualization, entertainment and commercialization to the already exciting sports events, further enhances the public’s attention to sports activities, and becomes the best partner in the sports industry.

MPLED has launched a new and upgraded fence advertising screen AF PLUS series, which is ultra-thin and ultra-light and has a brightness of up to 13000nit, HDR high dynamic range imaging, colorful pictures, and can clearly display sponsor content; the silicone flexible protective cover can effectively resist Players or props collide.

Aoto Electronics newly developed SP stadium screen fence series, SR stadium ring screen series, scoring LED screen, etc., which have the characteristics of high refresh, high contrast, high frame frequency, low reflection, etc., and meet the performance requirements of sports event broadcasting for display equipment.

Can the sports field continue to boost the development of LED displays?

After a long period of development, a series of values created by LED display screens for the sports field have been recognized by the market. However, due to the impact of the epidemic in recent years, entertainment activities such as sports events have decreased compared with the past, and the sports track business of LED display companies has also been indirectly affected to varying degrees. However, driven by the enthusiasm of this World Cup, can the development of LED display screens in the traditional sports track in the future usher in a “second spring”?

The general environment: the epidemic prevention policy is relaxed, and sports events are reviewed one after another.

As the pathogenicity of the new coronavirus becomes lower and the vaccination rate increases, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Singapore and other countries and regions have gradually adjusted their epidemic prevention policies in 2021. Large-scale sports events and entertainment Performances and activities have returned one after another, such as the European Football League, the Tokyo Olympics, etc., and the demand for LED displays and LED lighting products has gradually increased.

And this year, sports events such as the Beijing Winter Olympics and the World Cup are held normally, and LED display products show their style in them. The holding of these large-scale events as scheduled also indicates that people are returning to normal life.

Looking forward to 2023, more sports events will be held, including the Philippine Basketball World Cup, Qatar Asian Cup, the 6th Special Olympics World Games, South Africa Table Tennis World Championships, World Badminton Tournament, Budapest Athletics World Championships, etc.

Looking forward to 2024, the Olympic Games, the biggest event in the sports world, will be held in Paris, France. It can be seen that multiple sports events have been scheduled. A series of large-scale sports events will provide LED display companies with rich business opportunities.

LED display manufacturers also have a positive and optimistic attitude towards the future prospects of the sports market.

Product application: Combining high-end technology to expand the application range of LED display

Against the backdrop of continuous advancements in LED display technology, digital media, intelligent AI, AR/VR and other technologies in recent years, LED display companies and sports operators are exploring how to extend the application of LED displays in the sports industry, maximizing the value of LED displays change.

In addition to conventional billboards and super-large display applications, manufacturers are also trying to innovate by combining LED displays with the latest technology to provide sports fans with a more immersive event experience and enhance the interactivity and commercial value of sports activities.

In June of this year, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) announced that it would allow elite-level competitions to use LED glass floor screens in order to obtain a new event broadcast experience and more sponsorship opportunities.

This LED floor screen has excellent shock absorption and elastic properties, which can reduce the load on athletes’ joints and meet the needs of sports safety. At the same time, the LED floor screen can also realize interactive training and AR stage display applications, and provide functions such as player status, achievements and data display to enhance the audience’s experience in the stadium and live watching games.

In addition, the application of the LED floor screen can also maximize the space application of the gymnasium. By displaying the auxiliary lines of different sports, it can quickly switch between different sports scenes in a limited space.

At present, the wonderful presentation of the World Cup has made the whole world see the charm of LED display in the field of sports again. Looking back on the past, LED display and the sports industry have grown together, creating a variety of applications and values.

Looking forward to the future, the general environment continues to improve, favorable policies in various countries are supported, and the application of LED display continues to expand. The combination of various factors will promote the growth of LED display in the sports field again. In this context, it is believed that LED display companies will also continue to deploy, tap the potential of the sports market, and continue to pass on the charm of sports to the world.

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