The difference between the recent popular Mini LED and OLED

July 26, 2021

Mini LED, also known as “sub-millimeter light-emitting diode”, was first proposed by my country’s Taiwanese company Epistar. It refers to a display composed of LEDs with a die (chip) size of 50 microns to 200 microns, which is between Micro LED and small-pitch display. between. Application directions include Mini LED direct display and Mini LED backlight display. Since Mini LED displays have excellent performance in terms of energy consumption, color gamut, contrast, HDR, flexibility, lifespan, etc., the process is not as difficult as Micro LED, and it is relatively easy to produce finished products. Therefore, Mini LED is expected to become LCD upgrades. Leading products compete with OLED in the consumer market.

Mini LED and OLED are fundamentally different in display principles. Mini LED is still based on LCD display technology and needs to be equipped with an LED backlight module.

The OLED has the self-luminous characteristics of the pixels and does not require a backlight. It uses a very thin coating of organic materials and a glass substrate, which will emit light when a current passes through.
It should be noted that Mini LED is a big upgrade compared to traditional LED.
First, the size of its single LED light source has been greatly reduced, from 3mm×3mm to 0.125mm×0.225mm. Therefore, Mini LED can achieve more dynamic partitions and obtain higher contrast.
Since the Mini LED backlight is smaller and can be bent with the display, a narrow bezel design can be realized. In addition, Mini LED has the advantages of high brightness, more power saving, and reliable performance.

Of course, these display advantages of Mini LED, OLED have, or even stronger.
However, OLED has a fatal disadvantage, that is, it has a low service life and is prone to burn-in. In addition, its production cost is too high, making it difficult to mass-produce on a large scale.
In contrast, Mini LEDs have almost the same life span as traditional LEDs, and there is no need to worry about burn-in.
The most important thing is that Mini LED is really cheap, coupled with the mature production plan, so it has great market competitiveness.

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