The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Outdoor led Display China

September 25, 2021

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor led Display China

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a familiar term in recent years and is increasingly being applied in many fields. Moreover, this also includes outdoor led display china. Not only makes it easy to operate, but AI is also an “effective assistant” that brings many outstanding effects to this form of communication.

To better understand the applications of artificial intelligence in digital outdoor advertising – follow the article below with us

Main Contents of Articles

  • 1 What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  • 2 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Outdoor Advertising
    • 2.1 1. Personalization of Advertising Content
    • 2.2 2. Improved Location Data More Accurate
    • 2.3 3. Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Outdoor Advertising
    • 2.4 4. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Outdoor Advertising in Vietnam

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an intelligent system that provides accurate advance data. Basically, this comes on the integrated programming language. Moreover, machines and computer systems can operate on their own and perform cognitive behaviors similar to humans.

The birth of artificial intelligence brings more advantages than previous automatic programming languages ​​(only works according to available commands). AI helps machines “learn” human behavior, then “argument” and offer the most appropriate and effective solutions.

How to use artificial intelligence in outdoor led display china?

Currently, artificial intelligence has simulated outdoor led display china such as:

  • ‘being able to automatically communicate by voice
  • Moreover, thinking
  •  reasoning
  • Similarly, problem solving
  • Furthermore, self-learning
  •  self-adapting

And when applied using these advances in digital outdoor advertising – will certainly bring great effects for your brand, your communication campaign.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in outdoor led display china

1. Personalization of Advertising Content

Artificial intelligence helps businesses increase the ability to reach target customers accurately through biometric methods (face recognition, fingerprint, voice …) and modern machine technology.

For example, when a brand deploys outdoor led display china on taxis, the electronic screen system will automatically update the area and location where the campaign takes place. From there, it is possible to display advertising content and messages suitable for each culture and region.

Outdoor led display china is a good way of advertisement

In addition, the digital advertising screens applied artificial intelligence is also capable of analyzing demographic characteristics such as gender, age, etc. From there, display advertising videos/images. Similarly, it is good for each individual customer, bringing higher communication efficiency.

2. Improved Location Data More Accurate

Currently, GPS positioning is the main basis for collecting location data in the forms of outdoor led display china. However, the data collected by this method only tells the business the route that the advertisement goes through. Moreover, it does not know the exact situation in that area (weather, traffic …) like.

Outdoor led Display China 2021

With AI intelligence, the above limitation will be effectively overcome. The system will automatically update the actual situation in the area where the advertising campaign is deployed. From there, it helps businesses analyze and choose appropriate media publications to display, enhancing their ability to reach customers strongly.

3. Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Outdoor Advertising

The application of artificial intelligence to measure the effectiveness of digital outdoor advertising is one of the most popular applications today. With the help of facial analysis software integrated in AI, it is easy for businesses to accurately measure the performance of those advertising campaigns.

Through the acquired camera image, artificial intelligence will quickly analyze the following factors:

  • The number of people who passed through the area where the ad was deployed.
  • The number of people who saw the ad at a given time.
  • Moreover, age, gender of the people who saw the ad.
  • How long do those people watch the ad (5s, 10s, 15s…)?

Helps measure outdoor advertising effectiveness

4. Application of Artificial Intelligence in outdoor led display china

The application of artificial intelligence in digital outdoor advertising is not much, but it is still there, often encountered in the form of interactive screen advertising.

 The artificial intelligence system integrated in the screen performs the task of analyzing customer interaction with the billboard. Then, come up with impressive, relevant media content for customers.

Some forms of outdoor led display china advertising are using this application of AI: interactive screen advertising at bus shelters, interactive screens inside taxis…

In addition, businesses are also working to bring the measurement application of artificial intelligence to the screen in digital outdoor advertising. However, it may take a long time to check the effectiveness before applying it in practice because our country still has limitations in terms of technology.

Outdoor led display china Help us, find information easily

Above is sharing about the application of artificial intelligence in outdoor led display china. Hopefully this information will help businesses and brands have more suggestions and new directions to make outdoor advertising campaigns more effective.

Escalator advertising is currently being favored by units to convey messages to target customers. But if you want to advertise escalators effectively, businesses need to understand and consider many factors such as: location, advantages, and advertising units … to see if this form is really suitable? How to best optimize escalator advertising? 

What Is Escalator outdoor led display china advertising?

Escalator is an automatic ladder system with the function of supporting the transport of people and goods… This type of ladder is powered by a motor comesinside and moves up and down cyclically.

Escalator outdoor led display china advertisements are usually placed on either side of the transparent glass wall of the escalator. Advertising Maquette uses high-quality PP printing paper, decal to facilitate pasting along the length of the ladder.

The size of the advertisement depends on two factors: the size of the escalator and the regulation on the area that allows advertising to be posted.

Where is the Escalator Advertisement?

Advertising has the role of conveying the desired business message to as many people as possible. Therefore, escalator ads are often placed in public areas, frequented by many people – suitable for the target audience. The place for advertising escalators also needs to be spacious and airy, not obstructing the view.

Therefore, there is no more appropriate place to advertise escalators than in supermarkets, shopping centers and buildings nationwide. There are countless escalator systems come to serve the moving needs of hundreds of thousands of people every day. You can easily choose outdoor led display china – the most suitable for placing ads.

What are the advantages of Escalator outdoor led display china advertising?

1. Ad position

Advertising escalators come in large areas of space – common in supermarkets, shopping malls, and buildings. Similarly, this is a place where a lot of people come and go and often have shopping needs.

Moreover, the escalator has a nice series series with two floors, so customers can easily access advertising content from many different sides, including:

  • People are moving on the escalator.
  • Moreover, the people upstairs looked down.
  • The people downstairs looked up.

Therefore ads come in the most optimal way possible.

2. Advertising outdoor led display china aesthetic

The escalator advertising form easily attracts people’s eyes with its impressive size. Every point – the content printed on the advertising decal has a “ground”, even the points of view that are almost invisible.

High-quality outdoor led display china advertising materials (decal, PP printing paper …), display sharp images, real colors. Thanks to be here inside the glass, the escalator advertisement is hardly affected by external forces. Therefore, the advertising image is still new and beautiful even after a long time.

3. How often ads show on outdoor led display china?

Escalator advertising is considered as one of the best advertising methods for visibility today.

Advertising operation time coincides with the working time of supermarkets, shopping malls, buildings. That is, every day, they will operate from 8 am to 22 pm when supermarkets, shopping malls, buildings are open until closing time.

Not to mention, customers will most likely see the outdoor led display china ad at least 2 times or more. The more you look at it, the easier it is to remember. Furthermore, the content written on the escalator advertisement is easy to ingrain in the customer’s mind, increasing brand recognition.

4. Target audience for Ads on Led display

At shopping centers, buildings, and supermarkets, there are many groups of customers – most of them have a high demand for shopping and a variety of items.

Some common target groups in supermarkets, shopping centers and buildings:

  • Generally, young people are students, students, office workers.
  • Housewife.
  • Family.
  • And even domestic and foreign tourists.

On the market today, LED and LCD are the two most commonly common projection screens. Each type of screen will have its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different needs.

If you are wondering which advertising screen is effective for your marketing plan, do not ignore the following article. We will help you compare the presentation ability, movement, size, cost, … of these two types of screens.

Understanding LED and LCD Monitors

Outdoor led display china is a screen that uses light-emitting diodes similar to pixels with 3 RGB primary colors (red, green, blue) to display images and videos. The resolution of this screen is not so excellent but the size can be very large (up to 1070m²).

LED display can be effectively common for both outdoor and indoor according to need. In the advertising industry, LED screens are common a lot in outdoor advertising, stage, events …

  • LCD screen

Generally, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a liquid crystal display. These liquid crystal cells have the ability to change the polarization and intensity of transmitted light when combined with polarizing filters.

Understandably, LCD screen is a technology that uses backlight to create light, not self-illuminate – a basic technology commonly common in phone, computer, and television screens.

Compare LED and LCD Monitors

In general, outdoor led display china is both the most commonly common modern projection screen technologies today. Some common advantages of these two devices:

  • Both can display still images, play video with vivid sound.
  • Moreover, both are customizable in size and shape (by stitching together multiple screens).
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