The subdivision field of LED display-LED window screen

September 22, 2021

With the acceleration of the commercialization of LED displays, LED window displays also occupy a place in the mid-to-high-end retail market. It often appears in outdoor commercial streets and large-scale shopping malls. Combining the decorative style of the shop window, combining the LED display with the window, giving full play to the advantages of the dynamic effects of the display, conveying product information, and shaping the brand image.

In addition to the well-known advantages of seamless splicing, ultra-high-definition display, bright colors, and vivid and delicate display of LED display screens, LED window screens also have the following application advantages:

Easy to use

1.Advertisements are played around the clock, and media content management is simple and convenient;
2.As a kind of LED display, it supports remote control and content management, and realizes multi-display networking. Customers can upload and replace advertising content such as new products and product promotions as needed.

Creative design, unlimited use
1.Applicable to a variety of advertising windows, supports mainstream signal input, and can play videos and pictures;
2.It supports large-angle, straight-angle or rotating installation, and with the intelligent control system, creative window advertisements can be produced.

Transparency film LED display

Stable and reliable, strong disaster tolerance
1.Quickly lock the faulty module and deal with it effectively to prevent the chain reaction caused by a single module failure;
2.The equipment has a communication backup function, and the failure of a certain link such as poor contact does not affect the display effect, and improves the reliability of the system;
3.Module-level CPU monitoring, automatic reporting of abnormal information;
4.Engineering cabinet design, good heat dissipation, no noise interference, improved stability, while supporting automatic brightness adjustment, energy saving and environmental protection, and extending service life.

Easy to install and maintain
1.The installation method can be determined according to needs, and it can be installed and maintained quickly and flexibly in various scenarios; it supports wall-mounted or seated installation, which saves space.
2.Today, professional audio-visual technology and comprehensive experience solutions have been widely used in retail stores, and LED display commercial display solutions have also tended to be perfect.

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