The world football congress, together with TUV rheinland, su

November 17, 2020

The world football congress, together with TUV rheinland, su

The 4th world football congress and exhibition was held in Beijing international convention center from June 4 to 6, 2019.The conference attracted more than 3,000 decision-makers from home and abroad to participate, and more than 230 enterprises from more than 18 countries and 40 industry segments were presented on site.

The world football conference and exhibition is the only B2B2C conference and exhibition of the whole football industry in Asia, which builds an international platform for the interconnection between China and the world football industry.The meeting blockbuster guests gathered, hai-bin Yang, deputy director of the Beijing sports bureau, England Wolf academy director Scott Silas and England wolves Liu Geming marketing vice President, China office Beijing HeGuoAn football club general manager li Ming, Beijing HeGuoAn vikram singh, director of the football club’s technology department and the Beijing youth director Patrick HeGuoAn football club, SLC management consulting co., LTD., executive director, chief development officer Maximilian Medeja etc were present at the conference made important speech, plan for the development of Chinese football career future!

According to the plan for China’s football power by 2050 released by China in 2016, the goal of a first-class football power will be achieved by 2050.The state sports administration stressed that Chinese football should start from the foundation, vigorously carry out youth football activities, do a good job in the construction of league and national teams at all levels, and continue to work hard for a long time.

It is the fourth year since the world football congress was founded in 2016. The exhibition themes are all related to football: football clubs, sports/football towns, stadium facilities, youth training institutions, sports colleges, football schools, etc.

As the official LED display supplier of the Chinese super league and the LED stadium screen rental service provider of the Chinese football association cup.

Germany Rhine TUV for the Sports industry including SQS – Sports Sports service quality management system certification and training, the club professional operational solutions such as diversified cooperation, cooperation with bayern Munich, etc of the world’s top football club of rich experience, understand the world within the scope of the Sports business model, and its shareholders for Chinese football clubs provide substantial proposals to improve infrastructure and services.

In the field of education, the solution was presented at TUV rhein booth in Germany. The features of high clarity and high contrast can quickly attract the attention of the audience and better present the TUV rhein solution to the visitors.

TUV rhein and we all have a high intention: to do something practical for Chinese football with our professional knowledge and help Chinese football improve some existing conditions.

Rich experience in sports LED display solutions, especially in football field.Overseas sports facilities technology research and development and service, has been more than a decade, from European and American national events, to intercontinental events, football, basketball, hockey, baseball and so on.In the field of football, it has cooperated with international top football events such as the Netherlands, Italy, European championship, Germany, club World Cup, France, Russia super league and Portugal super league.At present, about 120 sets of LED stadium screens are applied in more than 40 countries, covering the first place in the world.Not only to the European and American developed countries sports market service, but also to China’s sports service.The official supplier of LED display screens from 2017 to 2021 has served more than 240 matches in the Chinese super league and more than 20 matches in the fa cup every year.We hope that the hardware facilities of Chinese football industry can be equal to those of developed countries, so we will bring back to China the standards of LED display facilities of uefa for sports events and the experience of sports events that have been tested in many ways overseas.

This conference brings new indoor fence screen solution product T4.T4 is a global debut with excellent performance.High refresh rate, high definition, high speed video live;The viewing Angle is as high as 140°, which can provide more valuable information for the audience.The body of the box can be tilted 60/75/90°, no dead Angle;The box is equipped with a support frame, and the support frame can be folded. The humanized design is more convenient and convenient, and the installation is also more convenient, which can better serve every game.

Although becoming a world soccer power is a lofty goal for China, even by 2050, if you set your mind to do something, you are likely to achieve good results.China is committed to the revitalization and development of the cause of football, is doing is to use professional service to make every match.

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