Things to Consider Before Buying LED Advertising Screen

November 26, 2020

LED Advertising Screen Purchasing Guide

It is not easy to select the right kind of LED advertising screen from a variety of different options. The advertising LED screens instantly attract customers because of engaging and dynamic visual effects. Moreover, the LED Screens are weather-resistant, energy-saving. They are useful in enhancing your customers, sponsorship revenue, growth, and brand name.

If you want to reach your customers, you should invest in LED displays. By spending on LED, you can get to your potential customers and try to modernize your business. Your company has more visibility. It is a kind of right time investment that gives you long-lasting results. It helps to stand out from the rest. Finally, you get the correct cost for your products.

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What is an LED?

LED refers to light-emitting diodes. To display colorful images with varieties of hue depends on three basic Additive color model RGB (red, green, and blue); diodes add light. Three diodes make one pixel. Pixels together make the display images on the LED.

LED Advertising Screen

A Road map of Planning 

Before investing in your LED, try to find out the answers to the following questions.

  • What are your goals for the advertisement?
  • Have you prepared the relevant material or content to display your business?
  • What will be the nature of the content, video, or text form?
  • Have you considered your budget, timeline, size, and other requirements?
  • Have you collected and analyzed all detailed features and pricing?
  • Did you check the guarantee, other terms and conditions, and certification from the Ministry of Trade and Industry?
  • Have you discussed the usage and prices of the LED advertising Screen with an expert?
  • Did you check the company’s; website and the reviews of the product?
  • Did you get the written documentation from the company?
  • Have you done personal meetings with other users of the company to make the best decision?

The Environment

The indoor and outdoor LED advertising screens differ in pixel pitches and resolution. The indoor screen requirement is smaller pixel pitches and high resolution, due to which everyone views the picture. The outdoor screens have a lower resolution. The LED screens are categorized into SMD and DIP.

The difference between SMD and DIP Technologies

SMD is the latest display used in indoor display with high pitch and resolution. It has a wide viewing angle; smooth color watched from a short distance.

The DIP is of low quality compared to SMD used in outdoor LED screen displays; it creates high resolution.

Outdoor Advertising Screens

They convey messages instantly because they are more eye-catching than static billboard advertisements. People stop and see the news and video of the ad. There are several models of LED screen displays, hence; their selection is the biggest deal.

Checkpoints While Looking For the LED Advertising Displays

LED displays are waterproof, bright, and have a long view distance. Follow points should be kept in mind when purchasing them.

  1. Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch is the distance or closeness between two pixels. Pitch affects visibility; the larger angle means far off image visibility and distorts the image on close monitoring of the screen. In indoor LED screens, the viewing distance is 1.5 meters. The viewing distance is 4 meters of outdoors LED advertising screens known as the P4LED screen. Other outdoor screen pixels are P4, P6, P8, and P10. For buying the right pixel pitch, calculate the total number of pixels of the screen. It should not be less than 30,000 pixels.

  1. Resolution

The resolution deals with color, clarity of image, and quality of the display. The price of LED is based on resolution. It is inversely proportional to the pixel pitch. The lower the pixel pitch more the resolution. There should be a minimum resolution of the screen; otherwise, the image seems distorted, ugly, and not professional.

  1. View Angle

The view angle of the screen determining the screen image from all directions.

  1. Hardware and Software

LED has many hardware and software. It should be integrated with lighting, speaker, etc.

  1. Certification or licensing

The quality of the product depends upon the branding of the product. The certification guaranteed the quality and safety of the work. LED advertising screen suppliers are increasing day by day. There is a need to buy the original product, so better to check the shop and dealer’s license as well.

  1. Power Supply

The best screens use direct current for smooth functioning. Good LED advertising screens use less power.

Power consumption formula = The area of screen x Standard power consumption

  1. Maintenance and Services

When you go to buy an LED, ensure the easy services and maintenance provided by the company.

Ask about the service center, technical support team, availability, accessories replacement, and service charges. Low maintenance charges is another essential factor of the company for the marketing of the product. It is a significant investment, so it should be protected for years, so choose a supporting program that fulfills needs for a long time.

  1. Quality and Pricing

LED screen displays are available at all costs. The price range of screens is also an indicator of the quality or category of the product. The outdoor LED screens are too expensive. If you go to save money and buy the cheaper one, you will not get the same results. We get back our LED price or cash within six months of promoting our business, and after nine years or more, we get profit by installing LED screens. There is a rapid technology change so you like to go for the other latest technology after ten years. It is a kind of business if you spend more, you will generate more income. Never run for cheap stuff; run for a good one. While budgeting, consider the price of LED, installation charges, power consumption, future maintenance cost, etc.

  1. Brightness

It is measured in bits. LED displays crystal clear images that depend upon the chip and its package. The dim display makes it difficult for the viewer to see the image correctly. LED screen advertisements have greater luminosity and brightness. Lower brightness LED screens are expensive and use more electric power. For indoors display screen brightness is 600 nits, but for outdoor usage, it is much higher sometimes upon increasing distance goes to 12000 nits. The LED screen should have an auto adjustment brightness at twilight.

  1. Location 

First, decide where to install an LED.  The outdoor screens withstand harsh weather conditions of sunlight, rain, humidity. Location wise, LED advertisement screens may need more features to operate, like exceptional sound and lighting equipment.

  1. Space

Before buying an LED, estimate the reasonable advertisement space to get the maximum benefit from the displays.

  1. Content

LED supporting videos, text, and static images will engage more audiences. Rich video content at different timings of the day are effective for marketing your products

  1. Distance

The outdoor screens are large, and the indoor screens are small. The indoor screens need a short distance of 3 meters, and outdoor screens need a 10 meters distance. 

  1. Climate

The LED screens work well in a hot, cold rain, or dusty environment. They have reliable, flexible features designed according to climate. They are inexpensive, energy-saving, sleek, and slim in design. IP rating or numbering determines the level of the resistance of the screen against all weather conditions.

  1. Size of screen

LED displays are available in all sizes, shapes, and durability for the attention-grabbing of passersby. The size of the LED is directly proportional to the impact of the advertisement. The model, resolution, time of promotion, width and height, and size of the screen determine the price and substantially impact the prospect of selling. The wrong size may affect your sale. There should be compelling viewing, and advertising LED screen life is about ten years.

  1. Flatness

It is another factor to take into account while purchasing LED. The standard flatness is1 mm. The screen flatness should fall under this traditional value.

  1. Display of floor or corner

The floor installation has transparent protection, and corner screens have vertical and horizontal models.

  1. Temporarily or Permanent Displays

The critical difference is in mechanical parts, weight, and calibration.

  1. Maintenance access

When you installed a screen, you have to leave enough space behind the net for the screen maintenance experts for maintenance or service operations. In the frontal screen, the frontal access is checked before installation.

  1. Target Audience

Consider the distance and speed of passersby walking or riding around the LED. Think about the garbing interest of the audience. Decide what suits your business, video, picture, or text only.

  1. Time of Display

The LED s offer the reliable and long hours display by a low cost of power supply.

  1. Refreshing Rate of Screen

Your screen should be fast enough to display data. The minimum refreshing rate is 400 Hz to 1000Hz and in some devices reaches 9000 Hz but reduces the brightness of the screen.

  1. Easy Installation

Choose the LED screens which are easy to install. Hire technical experts of installation from the company if possible.

LED Advertising Screen

  1. User-Friendly LED advertising Screen Display

The LED advertisement should be operated with a mobile phone, computer, and laptop if you have a Wi-Fi connection in a single click of your mouse while sitting anywhere in the world. You can also attach a USB and speaker to it. You can use all kinds of networking resources to play it.

  1. Hand On Experience

If you want to buy an LED, go to an expert. First, collect the information and then match your requirement and the pricing that you can invest in. The system should be user-friendly, which will save time and energy. Take your final decision about the technology’s purchase to boost your business, reach potential customers, and ultimately achieve your goal.

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Take Away on LED advertising Screen

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