Top 5 Important p6 Indoor led Display Price Factors

August 25, 2021

p6 Indoor led Display Price

The choice of a led screen to a person who has never faced the purchase of complex equipment may seem like a difficult task. Therefore, some buyers prefer to immediately seek professional advice about p6 indoor led display price instead of trying to understand the features of this equipment on their own. But you can try to choose the LED screen yourself. This is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.



The first thing to do is understand why you need an LED screen. It is common for various purposes:

  • showing ads;
  • broadcasting information;
  • Moreover, use as a media facade;
  • Similarly, video broadcast of the course of mass events.

From how, where the led equipment will be common, the technical parameters of the device are selected: dimensions, resolution, and brightness level.

Determining the target audience for p6 indoor led display

You need to think about who will view the information broadcast by the screen – visitors to a nightclub, shop buyers, street passers-by. The technical parameters of the selected electronic device depend on the type of target audience.

Place of installation of led equipment

p6 indoor led display price  is very low. Moreover, these devices are common in outdoors and indoors. The view of the display will be different in different places. You also need to immediately decide whether the screen is installed for permanent, temporary use. It depends on what its design will be – mobile or stationary. 

In addition, it is important to understand how engineering communications will be supplied to ensure the operation of ice equipment.

Operation and maintenance of p6 indoor led display

At this stage, the buyer will have to decide how the LED screen will work – at certain hours of the day, around the clock, what will be the frequency of changing the broadcast content. It is important under what conditions the led display will be common. Its equipment and further maintenance depend on it.

Cost of equipment

How much the p6 indoor led display price of an ice panel will cost depends on its technical and operational characteristics. If you have any difficulties with choosing an LED screen, our company’s specialists are ready to help. Please contact us. The company’s employees will listen to your wishes, after which they will select a led display that is optimal for solving your problems.

Flexible LED screens are LED structures that can be common to create any kind of installation. If you dream of a spectacular glowing coffee cup at the entrance to a cafe or a magic ball from the future over a fountain, this is all real. Flexible LED screens allow you to create shapes of any shape and size.  

Flexible p6 indoor led display price for advertising

LED installations from flexible LED screens are more popular in Ukraine than ever.

Due to their low weight and minimal thickness, such screens can be mounted anywhere: outdoors, indoors, suspended and even under water. It is not uncommon for monitors to decorate theater supplies and concerts.  

Features of display led panels

Flexible p6 indoor led display price can be affordable too, but at the same time the image quality remains as high as possible. It is easy to create interesting shapes from them. For example, soccer ball near a stadium or an airplane near an airport, or a pyramid nears a travel agency.  

There are also special canvases with a high level of transparency. They look great in shop windows, as they simultaneously broadcast a video, and through them you can see what is happening in the institution.

Decor for events and cultural institutions

p6 Indoor led Display Price 2021

Flexible monitors are common to decorate concerts and theatrical performances. With the help of the screen, you can create any atmosphere: from dark gothic to energetic beach. The image itself on the screen can be static (picture) and dynamic (video).

In addition to the stage, screens are ordered for cultural institutions. Similarly, most often, it is common to show useful information to visitors.

Flexible LED monitors look great:

  • in exhibition centers;
  • on the facade of the building where government services are common;
  • in museums and planetariums;
  • in conference rooms.

Decoration of offices, hotels and restaurants with p6 indoor led display

If an office center or hotel complex is made in a modern style (hi-tech, loft, modern, etc.), a flexible LED-screen will become a ” highlight ” of the institution.

For example, you can create a huge brand logo and place it in the lobby. Or, for example, place a figure from a flexible screen underwater and create a magical atmosphere with the help of lighting.

A large LED piece of cake in front of the entrance to an elite pastry shop – how can you not pay attention to this? A flexible screen next to the establishment will attract customers like a magnet. Moreover, they will want to be photographed near such a cake, and this is plus free advertising.

Figures made from p6 indoor led display price can be common to beautifully decorate residential areas. We recommend installing the light structure next to cottage townships or expensive apartments.

Building facade decoration with p6 indoor led display

Media facades are incredibly beautiful and useful installations for the facade of a building. In addition to the fact that they are lightweight and cannot be mounted on the sturdiest buildings, they are seen by a huge number of people. This is one of the most effective outdoor advertising methods.

Increasingly, flexible LED screens are ordered in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. We make various figures out of monitors, such as a car or a barrel of beer, and we also make decor for outdoor scenes.

Prefer High Quality Performance while checking p6 indoor led display price

For high-quality performance and fashionable design, contact the First Advertising Company. Our experienced team will make the installation just in time.

Each participant of the exhibition does his best to attract the attention of the event visitors to his pavilion. An p6 indoor led display price is an easy way to achieve your goal. One or more screens can turn an exhibition stand into a media space that will become a source of inspiration and an explosion of emotions for the audience.


  • The ability to quickly draw the audience’s attention to the product.
  • Ability to disclose complete information about products in the form of videos, static, dynamic images.
  • Due to the fact that you can create a led panel of any size, it will be possible to place it in any pavilion in terms of area.


Our company manufacturer of LED screens. Upon the client’s request, we will make a panel of the required p6 indoor led display price and need technical characteristics. We offer indoor displays ranging from 1500 to 4000 cd / sq. m,. After all, exhibitions appeared not only indoors, but also outdoors. Outdoor models of screens protect from precipitation and dust.

An important parameter in the choice of ice equipment is the pixel pitch. It determines how detailed, clear the picture will be. The external models have a pixel pitch of 4-10 mm, while the internal ones have a pixel pitch of 1.5 – 5 mm. The closer the audience is to the screen, the smaller the step should be.

If you want to purchase an LED display screen for an exhibition, please contact us. Employees of the company will help you in the selection of equipment, they will advise you on the screen that is best suited to your tasks and location.

Watching a movie on p6 indoor led display is amazing

After watching a movie, visitors to the cinema leave the hall charged with positive emotions. But visiting such places of entertainment is not always possible. For example, during the quarantine period, restrictions on visiting entertainment places have been introduced.

 To enjoy a high-quality display of films at home, without strangers interfering with enjoying the action on the screen, you can use the LED equipment offered by our company.


The use of led screens as a TV for home theaters is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the quality of the equipment, the viewer receives a clear picture with bright, saturated colors, which is not inferior to what can be seen when watching a movie in a cinema hall. 

The dimensions of the p6 indoor led display price may vary. By contacting our company, you will order equipment that is suitable in size for the room in your house or apartment. 

LED screens produced by our company are capable of recognizing files of different formats – video, audio. The operation of the equipment is simple, in order to operate it, no special skills are required.


  • for watching movies at home;
  • Moreover, for presentations in the office;
  • for lectures, seminars, conferences.

Allow yourself to watch your favorite movies in high quality at home. Buy an LED screen to install in your apartment. To do this, contact our company by calling our office by phone. 

The manager will accept the application, give advice, and advise what characteristics to order p6 indoor led display price with so that its dimensions, brightness, pixel pitch and resolution are sufficient for your premises. Also, an employee of the company will agree with you the terms of delivery and installation of equipment.

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