Transparent LED Display

October 09, 2020

The transparent LED panels were made in September 2019.


Transparent LED screen has been a trend in the LED screen market.

Many places require a transparent LED screen instead of a normal screen because the transparent LED screen allows light penetration so the indoor light is not affected too much, especially for the jewelry store.

Transparent LED screens are widely used for airport, car store, shopping mall, glass building, showcase, and so on. Moreover, it can be also used for rental activity, for the stage shows.

The client used the transparent LED screen for the stage show. And he also rented to some guys to use in-store. The brightness is more than 4000 nits so that even there is strong sunlight it is still clear.

Normally, the cabinet size is 1000mm x 500mm, and 1000mm x 1000mm. The size can be customized according to the project requirement.

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