Used of new large led screen? Advantages and Disadvantages

June 16, 2021

large led screen

A large led screen is an ideal giant screen for a variety of businesses. Often, the possibility of buying a used LED Wall good to be able to lower the initial costs with the aim of having an equally reliable and performing product. Let’s see the contraindications inherent to this possible solution.

LED Wall Used or new

Those who decide to buy a giant screen for their business often consider choosing a second-hand product. When you opt for this type of advertising device, in fact, the price is the main (if not the only) factor. It can slow down the purchase and since it is a relatively important expense.

 It is right to evaluate all the options offered by the market. In order to choose between a used or a new large led screen, it is however important to evaluate a number of aspects.


Those who buy a second-hand product should always have the good habit of informing themselves about the use. The questions that we should focus on are: Did repairs are necessary? How much maintenance did the LED screen have to undergo?

The most fitting comparison is still that of the used car: no one would buy a car used for work from a traveling salesman who has never had a service and had to replace the semi-axle due to a bad accident.

Guarantee of large led screen

Before facing such an important expense to buy a used large led screen, it is essential to first make sure that it comes by a warranty. It is also necessary to check with particular attention that any spare parts are available on the market. And if necessary take care to have them supplied by the seller.

Brand fixation 

The owner’s desire is to make the brand win over customers and, as a result, stick in their minds. Especially at the beginning of any project, regardless of its size,

With this product it is possible!

This only happens because the screen has a wide capacity for simultaneous development of different types of advertisements. Moreover, it also guarantees high resolution images. 

Versatility combined with led resistance

It is a fact that the versatility and strength of any product must go hand in hand. When we talk about large led screen, know that there are two types: indoor and outdoor. After all, both have their importance.


As a technology that draws attention, the LED screen can create situations in which the public will need to interact with it. And, of course, in these moments it is interesting to think (a lot) about security.

The LED screen is a product comes entirely with LED lamps, a type of lighting that we take cold.

Not to be overlooked are also the disassembly phases from the old headquarters, transport and assembly at the new destination. All these operations must be carried out by specialized technicians, who can guarantee the perfect installation of the product.

Advantages of a tailor-made large led screen LED screen


On the contrary, it makes no sense to invest a lot of money to install a high-brightness screen on a very dark provincial road. It would consume more energy than necessary and which would also risk annoying passing motorists at night.

large led screen 2021


A similar argument can also is easy to make for the large led screen resolution. It depends on the pixel pitch and is studied based on the viewing distance from which the screen will be observed. If this distance is large, the resolution will be low, but if the screen is viewed very closely, high definition is important.

Dimensions and large led screen Personalization

In conclusion: buying a new LED maxi screen instead of a used one means choosing a very high level of customization in terms of brightness, resolution and size.

All these characteristics are fundamental for the product to operate in the context in which it is inserted. Choosing a second-hand giant screen means running the risk of incurring a very high expense for a product that is not suitable for the use it will be intended for.

Benefits of an LED display for your business

Do you want to know the benefits of a LED display for your business? We prepared this article for you to know everything about LED Panel with the greatest expert in Brazil.

When it comes to large led screen, the thought goes to those large screens that have good image quality, present at shows by our favorite artists, in football stadiums we visit and even in places we previously thought were unfeasible to get a technology like that.

As an example, we could use subway platforms, open-air exposure on avenues, among others.

Benefits of an LED Display

However, the choice of where to purchase an LED display screen may not be so simple. Since the fear of purchasing such a product for the first time is great, given the lack of knowledge, which is common.

This concern can also happen because the LED screen requires an investment. It must include points such as product maintenance, its durability or even image quality.

And, thinking about how to help in your choice, see some benefits that the LED screen can offer in promoting your business, choose us!

Discover all the benefits of a big screen


With the need for an large led screen in your company, you will definitely want it as soon as possible, right? Even because this is essential. Therefore, we always works with stock, not allowing the risk that there is a long wait to get your projects underway.


Without proper installation, your LED display may not perform at 100% of its potential. To save your time and considerably lessen the difficulties, we installs the LED Display for you! As a result, your business will have the best installation possible.

Advisory Service

So, to complete, our service provides a complete consultancy for you and your company. Basically, this means that all your doubts will resolve. It starts from the beginning of your purchase process, arriving until after the installation.


We do this because our intention is for you to get as close as possible to having our knowledge, to use your large led screen in the best way.

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