What are the reasons for LED full-color display screens?

August 28, 2021

If the new small-pitch LED display is just installed and powered on, the vast majority of the reason is that the scan setting of the LED software control card is incorrect, and the other is that the cable is not plugged in correctly.
If it is because of the phenomenon of blurry screen found after using for a period of time, most of the reason is the failure of the control card. The biggest reason for the failure of the control card is the damage of the chip or the power supply caused by the water seepage of the LED panel.

indoor p2.5 led dispaly

If you want to solve this type of problem, you can try to connect a DVI interface monitor and observe whether the DVI output port of the graphics card has a normal signal. In addition, the cause of the blurring of the small-pitch LED display may also be the problem of the graphics card and the driver. If it is really a problem with the graphics card and driver, we suggest that you try to replace the network cable of the receiving card behind the display with the debug button on the receiving card to see if the display cabinet scans normally.
The last one may be the cause of the small-pitch LED display screen. I will also share with you here.
(1) The LED screen can’t be displayed on the screen. Solution: Check whether the power supply of the display screen is normal, whether there is strong current input, and whether it will cause a low or high level.
(2) The LED electronic display is not normal, fuzzy or unclear. Solution: Check whether the parameter settings of the LED control card are correct and whether the communication line is communicating normally.
(3) The display part of the display screen is abnormal, such as black screen, blurred screen. Solution: Check whether the power supply is working normally and whether the signal transmission line of the screen body is faulty.

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