What are the six ways to install LED displays?

August 19, 2021


Mainly install two-color LED display or full-color LED display on the façade of the steps. The high-density LED display is the LED display, and the observation distance is generally 3 meters away. It will have a better effect. When all the steps are connected and the video is played, it will present a very beautiful display effect. If it’s close up, it will feel like a husky, this will depend on the size of the outdoor LED display.


It is mainly for the installation method on the external wall of the building. Generally speaking, a steel structure is added to the wall, and then the outdoor advertising LED display is embedded with the steel structure as a support.


Outdoor display screens are rarely used for hoisting, and the most common is the lintel display screen used at the entrance of a store. The indoor load-bearing concrete roof can use standard hangers, and the length of the hanger depends on the site conditions. The indoor steel beams are hoisted by steel wire ropes, and the color of the jacket and the screen are the same as the steel pipe decoration.


The biggest feature is maintenance. It is very convenient to replace parts. Maintenance personnel can open the screen directly from the front of the outdoor LED display for operation.

5.Column type

Generally, because there are no walls or available supporting points around, the column-type outdoor LED display installation method has higher requirements for the steel structure. For example, most of the outdoor advertising LED screens next to the highway are installed in a column type.

Install the outdoor screen on the platform or column. The uprights are divided into uprights and double uprights. In addition to the screen steel structure, concrete or steel uprights need to be made, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation. The seat-mounted LED display is usually used for publicity and notification by schools, hospitals, and public institutions.


The LED display is mainly installed outside the wall. Generally, there are stress points on the wall. Hang the outdoor LED display on the wall and use the wall as a fixed support.

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