What is a transparent LED film screen?

October 20, 2021

Transparent LED film screen is a new type of flexible, transparent and light LED display. The LED film screen is like a combination of a flexible LED screen and a transparent LED screen, which has the softness of a flexible screen and the high permeability of a transparent screen. In addition to ordinary walls, it can be easily installed regardless of internal or external arc or 90-degree angle, even glass doors or building roofs. That is to say, in flat walls, shopping malls, indoor and outdoor curved walls, architectural glass curtain walls, shop windows, etc., they can be covered with LED film screens. Its lightness and thinness can reduce the load-bearing problems of walls, glass, sky screens, etc. It has high transparency and is almost integrated with glass, which has little effect on the appearance of the building.

Technical characteristics of LED film screen:
LED lamp beads bare crystal ball planting technology; the lamp panel is made of gong hollow fiberglass board, and the surface is sealed with a vacuum sealing process.
Advantages of transparent LED film screen:
(1) High light transmittance, transparency of 60%-95%, can ensure the lighting requirements and field of view of the lighting structure, such as between the floor, glass curtain wall, windows, etc., and ensure that the original part of the glass curtain wall has a perspective function .
(2) It is very light and does not take up space. The thickness of the product is only 1~3mm, and the total weight is only 1~3Kg/㎡.
(3) It is easy to install and does not require a steel frame structure. It can be directly connected to the glass curtain wall, which greatly saves costs.
(4) Novel and charming effect. The video image seems to be hung on the glass curtain wall, which has good advertising and artistic effects.
(5) Convenient maintenance, fast and safe indoor maintenance, saving manpower and material resources.
(6) Energy saving and environmental protection, eliminating the need for traditional cooling systems and air conditioning, saving more than 40% of the energy saving effect of traditional screens.

Application scenarios of transparent LED film screen:

  1. Urban landmarks and glass curtain walls of commercial buildings
  2. Glass window brand shop.
    Glass windows, such as banks, subways, car 4S shops, etc.
  3. Glass guardrail along the river, shopping mall glass guardrail.
  4. The display walls of the exhibition halls of the commercial center.
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