What is the difference between COB, GOB and SMD?

May 31, 2022

COB is a packaging technology that fixes LED light-emitting chips on PCB substrates and then glue them as a whole.  With moisture-proof anti-static anti-knock and other characteristics, the phenomenon of dead lamp caterpillar is greatly reduced, is the most appropriate technical route in the mini era.

GOB, or Glue On Board, is a protective process of Glue pouring On THE SMD module, which can solve the problems of moisture resistance and bump.  It can mainly be applied to the rental screen, but there are problems of stress release, heat dissipation, repair and colloidal adhesion.

Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) encapsulates an LED chip into a single light bead.  Through the laminating machine, the lamp bead is pasted onto the PCB board to make LED module.  

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