What is the visual Angle of LED display?

November 17, 2020

What is the visual Angle of LED display?

In the LED display field, “visual Angle” is one of the standards to evaluate the quality of an LED display product.But why?Today, we will explain the visual Angle of LED display screen and its influencing factors.


First, we need to know the LED display Angle.The so-called LED display Angle is also known as half power Angle, which is the included Angle between two observation directions and the normal direction of the same plane when the brightness of the observation direction drops to one half of the normal direction of the LED display. The specific value can only be measured by professional instruments.



The LED screen viewing Angle is the screen Angle when there is no obvious color difference.In plain English, the human eye can see the maximum or minimum Angle of the screen, but this can only be judged subjectively by the human eye.


Hd LED display screen in the small spacing have such description: visual Angle 160 ° 160 °, the numerical said here is the level of visual Angle and the vertical Angle the viewing Angle is 160 °.After more than 160 °, the human eye can appear blind area or display picture color distortion.


In this case, the horizontal viewing Angle refers to the vertical normal of LED display screen (the vertical phantom line in the middle of LED display screen). At the Angle perpendicular to the left and right of the normal line, the human eye can clearly see the information displayed on the display screen.The vertical viewing Angle is based on the horizontal normal of the LED display screen. At the Angle above and below the vertical normal, the human eye can clearly see the contents on the display screen.


Obviously, for a high-quality LED display, the greater the viewing Angle, the less dark areas, and the better the view from different angles.Therefore, the installation of LED display packaging core must be carefully considered, because the size of the visual Angle is mainly determined by the core packaging.


At present, most LED display manufacturers have the same viewing Angle.As a provider of intelligent LED display, lighting and system integration solutions in China, we produce and develop high-definition small-space display screens:


Wide viewing Angle, better visual experience;Die-cast aluminum case, high smoothness, smoother;No fan silent design, running low noise, more quiet;82mm light and thin box, effectively saving space share, more effective;It is one of the ideal products for indoor display in the fields of school education, transportation, medical treatment, economy and finance.

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