Why are small spaced screens better suited to meeting rooms?

November 17, 2020

Why are small spaced screens better suited to meeting rooms?
With the rapid development of the information age, while people fully enjoy the dividend of cloud computing and big data, they are inevitably bombarded by massive amounts of information.
Therefore, how to effectively collect, process and utilize massive information in traditional industries to improve work efficiency has become the first hurdle to be overcome.
The key to solve this problem lies in how to realize efficient information sharing and optimize the communication efficiency of each department and its internal personnel.
Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to information visualization in the field of information centralization control.
Today’s control room market, as the high-end market with the pyramid tip of LED display market, not only provides products, but also has strict requirements on the overall application.
Small spacing LED display with its no patchwork, excellent picture quality, flexible use and the same screen can realize the advantages of rich information content, has been widely praised and favored, it can be said that small spacing LED display greatly meet the needs of command and scheduling center.
The multiple advantages of small spacing perfectly match the demands of the command center scene
As we all know, the command and control center needs to display rich and complex signals, digital signals more than video signals, on the product and technology put forward almost stringent requirements.
For example, fine display with high resolution, high grayscale display with low brightness, high refresh rate, high consistency and uniformity, low noise, low heat dissipation, etc., and even high requirements for the comfort of continuous viewing for a long time.
LED display small spacing on the command and dispatch center application scenario, has many distinctive advantages, first of all, the most obvious feature of the command and dispatch center application is a 24-hour non-stop operation, deal with large amount of data, requires a strong collection of information, rapid response, overall coordination, comprehensive control ability, and small spacing LED display products equipment stability, reliability, durability and easy maintainability as command and dispatch center selected key;
New appearance design of small spacing LED large screen, easy to disassemble, beautiful and generous and can effectively reduce the fault caused by wiring, greatly reduce the failure rate of the display screen, can reduce the manpower and financial investment in later maintenance.
Second, temporary emergency command and dispatch center, facing the major event at any time, natural disasters, emergency response, in the emergency command, may appear all kinds of environment and emergency situation, a high altitude, low pressure, low temperature of natural conditions, in addition to the stability, usually also require screen is easy to install and transport, and small spacing LED screen thin body, usually to tear open outfit, and flexible in emergency command, flexible response to various environmental and emergency.
Command center screen at present stage, according to the need to satisfy the high resolution large format to geographic information, network diagram, the meteorological satellite cloud, panoramic video real-time large format images of information acquisition, storage, management and domestic present, without the seam on the advantages of small distance between the LED screen, one integrated mass of the picture can avoid flat-fell seam between the units will be fragmented picture embarrassment, and no brightness difference between units.
These undoubtedly put forward higher requirements for the comprehensive manufacturing strength of enterprises, which also leads to a wide variety of small-spacing LED products in the market. However, there are only a few high-quality small-spacing LED display products that are really suitable for the high-end fields such as command and control room.
Smaller, smarter spacing or the future of command center displays
As can be seen from the above advantages, in the future, small spacing LED large screen is more and more favored by the application of command and control room. It has become an effective tool to improve communication efficiency and realize efficient use and sharing of information in the information age.
However, at the same time, there are still many technological shortcomings of small spacing LED displays that need to be overcome, and enterprises need to constantly increase r&d efforts and investment to innovate.
Point spacing, the smaller means that the higher image resolution, the finer is the content of the show, the greater the viewing area, it is completely in line with the command center (control) to the requirement of image details, but because of the existing small spacing LED technology still exist the limitation of technological level, command and control center of the screen require more perfection of black screen at the front and side could not tell the difference between modules flat-fell seam, the entire screen is consistent, when low light color, according to the perfect high reliability and stability;
The most important thing is that, in the future, small spacing LED display application in command and control room will be more intelligent, digital, networked, in traffic command and dispatch center, for example, small spacing of LED display screen will be smart and traffic network real-time information binding together, all of the display shows the picture in the traffic routes can be in the traffic deployment of the headquarters of the LED screen control and display, through smart tips, can greatly reduce the phenomenon of urban traffic congestion, reduce the number of traffic accidents.
More importantly, the research and development of small spacing LED display products applied in the field of command and scheduling center needs to be designed and developed for more user-level operators, so as to truly solve the personalized needs of users and finally win the recognition of the market.
With the rapid growth of information content and the continuous improvement of technical requirements, traffic scheduling, enterprise display and data monitoring are increasingly dependent on the help of small spacing LED screens, and their status as the overall information window of command center and scheduling hub is becoming more and more important.
Therefore, LED display will gain broader development space in the field of monitoring and scheduling, and it is also an important force to promote the scale growth of LED display application market.
The appearance of the small spacing LED display in the command center is not only a technical necessity, but also an active market choice of the enterprise, as well as an instinctive drive for the enterprise to pursue capital efficiency and expansion.
However, in the future, with the market opening trend becoming increasingly clear, the profitability of products will increase significantly, and the unprecedented market enthusiasm for small-space LED displays will be ignited.
In the future, if the small spacing LED display in the command center can have a greater breakthrough in hd and intelligence, the competitive advantage of the product will be further reflected.
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