Why is led display screen for advertising outdoor effective?

September 25, 2021

The method of led display screen for advertising outdoor to communicate the brand’s image, introduce new products and services to the public. Many companies choose this method. In today’s busy era, what’s so special about outdoor advertising that makes businesses so effective when promoting their brand?
Main Contents of Articles
1 What is an outdoor advertising billboard?
2 The effectiveness of outdoor advertising panels is shown through impressive numbers
3 Outdoor advertising panels can reach a diverse number of customers
4 Connecting brands with busy consumers
5 Ending
What is an outdoor advertising billboard?
Large billboards come on the facades or sides of high-rise buildings, at locations such as:
Moreover, crowded intersections
Similarly, overpasses, etc.,
You are traveling on the street and if you can see it, it’s an outdoor advertising panel.
Methods of led display screen for advertising outdoor
The things that we see on led display screen for advertising outdoor are the images of the brand, products and services. Furthermore, these are the images and slogans that must be concise and leave the deepest impression.
In terms of structure, the frame of the sign comes of iron material. Similarly, this comes into a box shape. Moreover, it follows a tarp to stretch it; the stand is a building with billboards on it.
Led screen is usually the product that companies use. Basically, it is printed with high quality inkjet printing to ensure durability and high aesthetics when placed outdoors. Moreover, its lifespan is also quite durable and less affected.
Why do you need led display screen for advertising outdoor?
Besides, billboards always stand out at night thanks to the LED lighting system and headlights.
Depending on the height and clearance, the view is not obstructed by trees and obstacles, the visibility of led display screen for advertising outdoor can be up to several hundred meters.
Depending on whether the installation location is in the inner city or the suburbs, the size of the advertising panel will usually range from 50 square meters to 250 square meters. 
Because led is originally clad in existing buildings (houses, buildings), the large or small wall surface will determine the size of that led to be large or small.
The effectiveness of outdoor advertising panels
A new study conducted by Nielsen has demonstrated the remarkable power of advertising led in bringing brands closer to customers, and connecting businesses with today’s busy consumers. 
The effect of outdoor advertising billboards is really impressive for businesses
According to a survey of road users with Advertising led, 75% of people saw an outdoor billboard in the previous month and 60% noticed it within the previous week. Prove one thing that passersby certainly care and see the billboards appearing on the road. Therefore, this is good news for led display screen for advertising outdoor.
According to a one-month survey from people:
55% pay attention to the message displayed on the advertising panel
37% find billboards impacting them
Furthermore, 22% changed their plans to decide to visit the store that appeared on the billboard
Moreover, 71% feel that outdoor advertising billboards are better than online advertising.
65% see the Pano as a great way to learn about new businesses in the area
Similarly, 61% agree billboards are a great way to learn about sales and events
82% recall content printed on advertising panels.
Food, entertainment, movies, home appliances, courses… are the areas where Pano advertises the most attention from customers.
Outdoor advertising billboards can reach a diverse number of customers
One of the most modern and effective led display screen for advertising outdoor methods today is the advertising pano. This attracts great attention from passers-by thanks to its outstanding design, impressive slogan and stand in the areas with the heaviest traffic.
 In addition, due to the large size, pedestrians will have a strong and fast impression; passersby will be attracted to these billboards if it is impressive enough.
How does led display screen for advertising outdoor impact pedestrians?
Pedestrians can see the sea in many different directions, approaching as many customers as possible thanks to the advantage of high altitude and open view. For businesses that want to create brand coverage for a long time, this is one of the effects of suitable outdoor advertising led.

Outdoor led Display China

In busy traffic locations, there are often hundreds of vehicles passing, hundreds of vehicles, in these places is said to be a prime location to place led display screen for advertising outdoor. Generally, this attracts the eyes of many people.
Billboard led display screen for advertising outdoor
Thanks to billboard advertising, the brand can contact a variety of customers in all fields, occupations, incomes, interests, etc. For consumer products such as food, household appliances, technology products, etc., this is the most expensive choice to promote the fastest selling effect.
Currently, up to 45xUdHPiFHQ7xbKh19G45saF1raB2ot5pag8p1Hnk4yrfXRJZskr8TMbFpVfC5tDk8eQQg63TqkW9gKhwagx6HePTaK2yXb led display screen for advertising outdoor. Moreover, they are strongly attracted to them (According to statistics of TNS – a leading company in the field of market research and market information) 
Connecting brands with busy consumers
Traditional forms of advertising such as television, print press, radio, etc. For busy or married people, they do not have time to watch, read, listen, or they may turn off as soon as they see them. Because it’s annoying.
Advertising led is a series of advertising images that customers do not spend too much time reading, viewing and listening to. Similarly, it appears on the city center roads. At that time, customers will be passive in exposure to ads, cannot turn them off but can only look at them.
Outdoor led display Can Boost the business
We can say that led display screen for advertising outdoor brings high efficiency to businesses. Furthermore, this brings unique effects to the outdoor advertising industry.

Led advertising leaves a deep impression in the minds of passersby because it appears repeatedly for many days in the same place, making it possible for passersby who do not want to see it because they often pass that route, invisible general product memorization.
Summary of led display screen for advertising outdoor
The type of outdoor advertising led is one of the types that bring high advertising value and promote the business’s brand to be developed quickly, it is also because of this that most businesses choose This type of advertising is the most preferred type of advertising.
About Supermarkets and Traditional Markets
Supermarket is a closed shopping area, has a large scale and sells a variety of items with stable prices of reputable brands. The supermarket is oriented to a modern, quality and time-saving life for people, so the facilities, infrastructure and quality of products here are always focused.
We can use led display screen for advertising outdoor here.
Advertising in supermarkets
Besides the birth and development of supermarkets, supermarket advertising also appeared in a variety of forms. With a large number of customers every day, this is an extremely ideal brand promotion channel.
Currently, supermarkets are the leading trusted addresses of many businesses when they need to book ads. Because these are large supermarket systems, have many branches across the country and attract a large number of customers every day.
Traditional markets
The traditional market is a large outdoor shopping space. With small stalls gathering together, providing a variety of items from necessities to household goods, fashion items… this form of buying and selling meets most of the basic shopping needs of consumers.
Advertising at the traditional market
The traditional market is a long-standing type of exchange-buying business, but so far there are no signs of being “outdated”. Every day, many people still choose to go to the market to shop because of the abundance, flexibility, competitive prices and especially the freshness of food.
Led display screen for advertising outdoor advertising at the traditional market is not too diverse in form. It is still common among many businesses because of its extremely high ability to reach users.
Compare Supermarket and Traditional Market Ads
To compare these two forms of advertising, let’s first learn about the salient features of traditional markets and supermarkets:
Characteristics Supermarket Traditional markets
Shopping space + Clean, neat, air-conditioned, covered.

  • Shoppers will be more comfortable visiting. + Not clean – neat like supermarkets, not all stalls have a roof.
  • Buyers come to buy things mainly.
    Service There are customer care and consulting services Buy and sell separately, so there is almost no service. But many buying and selling activities still have a warranty and return policy if there is an agreement before buying and selling.
    Shopping form Customers choose the goods in person or online, then pay for the total bill. Customers directly choose goods, can bid and pay at each stall. For wholesale orders, you can still call for delivery.
    Product variety The variety of supermarket products depends on the size. But usually, the supermarket will have a more diverse source of goods than the market. Only the big markets are diverse and full of items. Supply capacity in the market is volatile and unstable.

With advertising at traditional markets, businesses can choose from the following popular forms:
Market led display screen for advertising outdoor advertising.
Moreover, distributing flyers, placing standees or sampling fruits.
Set up an advertising booth right at the market to introduce products and interact directly with customers.
Advertise market billboards at stores
In which, market billboard advertising is the most popular form and offers the highest ability to reach customers. Moreover, this form even attracts people in traffic outside the market.

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