June 05, 2021

Singapore P6 Customzied Elevator LED Display

The new Robinson Tower occupies a tight triangular site in Singapore’s Central Business District. The building consists of a slender 19 floors office tower hovering above a 7 storey high retail podium, 7 layers completed by MPLED team from 2D/3D drawing,moulding, production, steel structure design and production, shipment to software guide, engineer technical support and installation guide.

Project requirement:

1.Pure Black SMD with 8000:1 contrast floors shopping mall with different shape and must fully fit with elevator

3.MPLED engineer site guide

4. Five years warranty

5.Professional irregular control system for dot to dot resolution

MPLED solution

1.Customized SMD3528 pure black led from our supplier

2.Design 400pcs pcb to meet full project requirent

Electronic engineer Mr.Tang who is over 18 years experience for circuit board design, he was the first engineer who innovate PCB design from 4 layers to 2 layers but better performance. He is also technical adviser for Absen, Chipshow, Desay, Dicolor.

3.Send our senior software engineer to site configuration from first floor to seventh floor. MPLED engineer went there for 2 times for this project.

Pre-sale engineer Mr.Huang is over 9 years experience for led display solution proposal and pre-sale drawings.

who will come here firstly? Challenge ?Luck? Nobody well knows that. For MPLED, we only focus on what we are doing and consider how to do it better.

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