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Distinguishing Features Between Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

June 05, 2023

High Refresh Rate:

Indoor LED Displays: Typically maintain a refresh rate of 3840Hz due to stable indoor lighting conditions.
Outdoor LED Displays: Face challenges such as intense sunlight and unpredictable weather. A high refresh rate effectively reduces screen flicker, eliminates scan lines, ensuring clear and visible images even in extreme conditions.

High Contrast Ratio:

Indoor LED Screens: High contrast ratios enhance image clarity, vivid colors, and detail, improving visual experiences in settings like shops, meeting rooms, and exhibitions, attracting attention.
Outdoor LED Screens: Crucial for visual clarity, high contrast ratios ensure deep blacks and bright images, suitable for long-distance viewing. This enhances audience engagement, improves advertising effectiveness, and minimizes reflections.

Wide Viewing Angle:

Indoor LED Displays: Typically don’t require extremely wide viewing angles since the audience is relatively close. A standard viewing angle is sufficient for indoor applications.
Outdoor LED Displays: Demand broader viewing angles to accommodate audiences viewing from various positions and considering factors like strong sunlight. Wide viewing angles help reduce reflections, ensuring visibility of advertising content from different angles.

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